Hi there! We’re SV Digital. Here’s a little something about us.

Take a sneak peek into our agency's values and objectives. Let's break the ice and get to know each other better.

Hi there! We’re SV Digital.

SV Digital is a 360-degree digital agency with an outstanding track record of serving people in UAE, North America, and Australia for more than 12 years.

Our team of designers, developers, SEO experts and creative thinkers is dedicated to bringing your idea to life.

This is what we are all about.

We Streamline Complex Tasks

Creativity can be both challenging and rewarding. We use our expertise to develop a straightforward approach to help you achieve your business goals. We use our extensive experience and the latest technology to offer you solutions that will move your business forward while offering a delightful experience for your target audience.

We Are Positivity Optimistic

We believe there is a solution to all the problems, even the ones currently hampering your growth prospects. We like to address the problem head on with due determination to resolve it. We don't mind going the extra mile to achieve that. What we strongly clinch on to is the ethical practices so that the solutions we offer you are constant.

Born in Abu Dhabi, based everywhere

For more than a decade, we have been helping businesses across the globe with digital solutions. What we learned from them makes it possible for us to deliver cutting-edge services that can really move the needle for your business in a positive direction. We now have talents spread across the globe, and our focus remains the same for each of them - giving unparalleled focus and efficiency to achieving your goals, no matter where you are and what you do.

Our Core Values

The core principles we strive for in every project.

Our Actions Speak Louder

SV Digital is a straightforward digital company that doesn't mince words. Our digital service will do all the talking in the form of tangible results.

We Always Strive For More

Our team is unwavering in offering you an exceptional standard of work ethic. They are always buckled up to help you succeed in your ambitions.

You Always Get Our 100%

We are as passionate as you about bolstering your brand's digital presence. That's why we keep your best interest in mind when deploying growth strategies.

What We Stand For

We want businesses to experience the true power of digital technologies in bringing their prospective clients closer.

Our Mission

With our affordable digital services, we aim to work with budding and established businesses to accelerate their growth by cashing in on missed opportunities.

Our Vision

We envision a future where businesses can speed up their digital transformation using our services, thereby bringing unprecedented revenue and growth.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee affordable but high-quality digital services for budding and established businesses to accelerate their growth by cashing in on missed opportunities.

Our Exploration is Limitless

Our adaptability and expertise have made us the forerunners in the digital landscape. We seek to elevate our clients to the same level of success and recognition in the business world.

People You Meet At SV Digital


We have in-house team members who actively interact and produce thought leadership materials that are highly revered in the industry.


These are the unsung heroes behind the success of some of the popular brands that are now reaping the benefits of our digital services.

Creative Heads

We have people who blend creativity with technology, starting from content to design to graphics, making them instantly admired.

Account Managers

These are your go-to people when sharing any requirements or concerns with digital projects.

Our Team

Ravi Aggarwal

Ravi Aggarwal

VP - Operations

Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman

General Manager

Syed Saif

Syed Saif

Business Director - Technology


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