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A partnership with SV Digital drove highly-profitable results for a mechanical equipment provider, including 73% YOY increase in conversions.

Hear From Our Client

“As a marketing manager, I feel that SV Digital’s account representative is a part of our company’s marketing team. He has all the qualities one could expect in a business partner – professional, knowledgeable, experienced and communicative.”

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The Challenge

Our client is an agricultural equipment supplier based out of Abu Dhabi. The company has been providing mechanical equipment to contractors, factories and repair shops for over a decade.
With 50,000 square feet of a fulfilment centre, the client offers the best-in-class mechanical equipment at competitive prices. In addition, their online store makes purchasing necessary parts for your next project easy.

Before contacting SV Digital, our client’s PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns didn’t convert well and cost more than they earned. Then they turned to SV Digital, seeking to boost their ROI on paid advertising.
As they are a B2B company, targeting the right demographic and persona along with the right messaging was crucial to the growth of the business.
In their own words, “We contacted SV Digital based on the referral of someone we trust, and we haven’t looked back since. Their professionalism and knowledge on PPC are exemplary.”

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Result-oriented Ads

SV Digital’s PPC experts wasted no time crafting a unique PPC plan for the client. To begin with, we identified their best-selling products and reallocated their ad budget to only four to five campaigns instead of more than 25. Targeting only the products with higher conversion rates allowed the client to get more from their online ad spend.

We ran retargeted ads to build recall amongst the leads who were already in the pipeline.

Besides streamlining their PPC campaigns, we helped the client optimise their Google My Business profile listing to attract more local traffic. Our extensive conversion tracking and reporting helped the client drive impressive ROI with their PPC marketing campaigns.

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Business Impact

Within a year of managing our client’s PPC campaigns, we boosted their YOY ROI by 120%.
We are now also helping the client with their SEO campaigns to drive more qualified leads for their business.

Take a look at the results we’ve been able to achieve for our client in the past twelve months:
-120% YOY ROI increase
-73% YOY conversion increase
-21% YOY cost per lead decrease

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