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How This Food Blog Grew Organic Traffic By 200% In Just 60 Days?


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It's the story of one of the most famous food blogs in Abu Dhabi which was struggling to get organic traffic after its website was hit by Google's core update.

You'll learn how with the help of the right experts they turned failure into success and generated unexpected organic traffic in a very short time period.

"SV Digital helped us restore our traffic and then some - a feat that we had never believed possible in such a short span!"

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The Challenge

This food blog was going fine unless the Google core update took over their site.

The overall organic traffic decreased by 10% and the client lost a lot of revenue which was generated by affiliates marketing and advertising.

They approached SV digital to solve this terrific problem for them, and we did. But how?

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Our experts noticed that this client was targeting the wrong keywords. As a result, they weren't getting high organic traffic and ranking on search engines.

We worked with them and found some relevant keywords that were more effective for their food blog.

After that, we found some keyword gaps in the client's web page content and prevented them from ranking higher for some high-volume keywords.

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From that day, they never faced any issues whenever a new Google core update launched because we knew how to take advantage of it.

Our client saw an increase in organic traffic by 200% in just 60 Days of consistent SEO efforts. They also saw an increase in keyword ranking of their blog pages which weren't ranking well.

When we put our expertise into their blog their ROI of investment boosted amazingly and they decided to give their SEO projects to us for the long-term.

This is just one of the examples of success stories of our clients who first faced a few challenges but became successful in the end with the help of the right SEO experts.

SV Digital helped many online business owners in tough times and made thousands of dollars in return for them because they trusted us for their projects.

Would you like to grow your online business?

Talk to us now and our experts will get in touch with you so you can solve your critical business easily and make your brand successful with our powerful solutions in Abu Dhabi.

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