Google Launches Three Ad Creation Tools

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Adithya Kumar

August 24, 2022

Google is constantly striving to make your user experience immaculate; they have introduced three new features that allow advertisers and advertising teams to create & collaborate while still being on Google’s ad platform. Let’s dive straight into these new introductions.

Asset Storage and Organization 

asset storage and organization

The first new tool is asset storage and organization. There is an issue observed by Google concerned with multiple team members trying to access images and videos simultaneously. This seemed to be very unproductive, but Google thought of a solution. The new Asset Library can be a portal to upload, share and download assets from past or present campaigns. This would act as a visual first database. 

Currently, you can access this library with Max Performance, Discovery App, Local and Display campaigns. Google has included some extensions as well. This library is easy to use when you want to create or edit a campaign, just click on the library and pick any suitable asset you want. 

Create Video Ads for YouTube

create video ads for youtube

The second tool is the ability to create video ads on Youtube. Earlier on in the week, there was a launch of the new Creative Ads Studio. This introduction aimed to allow users to create videos and display ads on a new platform. Advertisers will now be able to create video ads on Youtube now. 

What is unique about this feature is that the templates you have access to are designed explicitly for Youtube. This move was to improve results on ads. Google has also suggested that you test these new templates on your current ads.

Voice-Over Audio

Finally, the third tool which was released is voice-over audio. Google observed that videos with the voice-over feature embedded in them tended to perform better with audiences. So, they decided to introduce their own voice-over feature on their platform. This can be accessed through the video creation tool. 

The way this feature works is that it is integrated with Google’s voice-to-text technology. The asset library would be the perfect place to find this feature. You can choose between various languages, including English, Filipino, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Spanish and Swedish.  

These new features will surely improve the user experience of creators on Google’s platform. What would be suggested is to take your time and test out each feature. This will give you a better understanding of how they work and how they will give your content the added advantage. 

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Adithya Kumar

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