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YouTube’s New Features To Improve User Experience

Adithya Kumar

October 19, 2022

YouTube, just like any other social media platform, is striving to make the platform ideal to advertise on. This can only be achieved by introducing more targeting options for users. The platform has released updates for the audio, shopping and stream positioning features. These updates will allow advertisers to reach more people who view their content extensively. The combination of all three features is called the Youtube effect, which is the relationship between the YouTube content creator and the viewer. 

First Feature – Moment Blast

This update is aimed at giving advertisers the ability to position themselves on YouTube Select content (CTV). These kinds of content would be connected to TVs and various other devices. It will also include a branded title card and optional masthead placement. This prime position is an effort by YouTube to give creators more control over spreading brand awareness about their content. This will be available during events like sports, movie releases and product launches. 

YouTube stated,’ People have always connected in front of the TV screen, but YouTube gives them a unique chance to bond over shared passions — like watching live-streamed concerts, fitness classes or even religious ceremonies. They feel a similar connection to the ads they get, too.” This comes after a survey revealed that around 59% of people feel that the ads they see on YouTube channel are more relevant to them than other streaming platforms. The data went on to further explain how linear TV doesn’t have the same targeting options, so the ads are not relatable to most viewers. On the other hand, the absence of Google or Youtube style targeting features leaves linear TV ads at a disadvantage. Even with this difference, most advertisers have still not switched to CTV as an economical and effective way to advertise. 

Second Feature – Expanded Product Feeds For Discovery Ads

This feature will assist advertisers in scaling their content to reach more viewers and drive user engagement. You will soon be able to see local offers embedded in product feeds and real-time availability of products on Google Merchant Centers. This will ease the buying experience for viewers. YouTube content creators can now have virtual storefronts for their content and tag products in videos and YouTube Shorts. The platform has said that this feature will be live on November 10th. 

Third Feature – Advertising To YouTube Music and Podcast Listeners

Creators can now purchase Audio Ads available on Google Ads, Display and Video 360. This will allow advertisers to reach users on audio-centric platforms like Youtube Music. This also includes Podcast targeting, which is available worldwide now.

These new features will add to the user experience of most people who consume Youtube content daily. These ads would have more targeting options, so you won’t be getting ads about products that do not interest you. It also gives brand advertisers another tool in their youtube marketing strategy to reach more consumers. Two of the three features are live now, so you should test them yourself. Remember to use the updates as much as you can. The features will run better if the platform has more data to analyze. If you haven’t thought about advertising on the other platforms of YouTube, now is the best time to start. 

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