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15 Ways Creators Use YouTube Studio To Publish Content

Adithya Kumar

January 18, 2023

YT Studio, short for YouTube Studio, is a platform for content creators where they can manage their YouTube content and channels more efficiently.

YouTube Studio is a powerhouse of valuable tools and features that help users create their day-to-day content on the platform.

Creators can also access video analytics and community panels, which allow them to track performance and monitor comments on their channels.

You can access YouTube Studio from studio.youtube.com. If you log in to your YouTube account, you can click on your profile picture menu in the top-right corner and select YouTube Studio from the dropdown menu.

If you are a content creator on YouTube, YouTube Studio is a must-have tool. You can also use this platform on your mobile device through the YouTube Studio app.

As a video content creator, you will spend most of your time on YouTube Studio. So, why not try exploring and understanding some of YouTube Studio’s best features and functionalities and put them to good use?

Let’s find out what it has to offer you.

YouTube Creator Studio

1. Manage Multiple YouTube Accounts Easily

YouTube Studio allows you to manage multiple YouTube accounts in a single place and seamlessly swap from one to another with a click.

You can also swap your Google accounts anytime if your YouTube channels happen to be on different accounts. However, YouTube allows you to have multiple channels for a single account as well.

If you have a team and run multiple YouTube channels, you can create a YouTube brand account. With this, you can add multiple users called managers to access the content on your channels.

2. Check Real-Time Channel Analytics

YouTube Studio gives access to your real-time channel analytics and measures the performance of your video content. Go to the platform dashboard’s bottom-right corner and select Go to Channel Analytics to use the YouTube Analytics tool.

The Analytics page gives you detailed information about your video’s performance metrics such as views, subscriber count, reach, demographics and view time.

For a more detailed report, click on the advanced setting option to understand more about storytelling analytics. Using the Compare To option, you can also compare your video performance based on one another or per year.

3. Upload Videos on YouTube

The best way to upload videos on YouTube is through YouTube Studio. You can also opt to upload videos through the YouTube mobile app, but nothing beats YouTube Studio in terms of flexibility.

To upload a video using the platform, go to the dashboard’s top-right corner, click on Create and click on “Select file” to upload the video. Please note that you can upload videos on YouTube Studio on a computer only.

4. Edit Videos

If you don’t have the budget to hire professional video editors, don’t worry! YouTube Studio comes with a video editor that you can use for advanced video editing.

Before you edit any video, the best way to avoid publishing it halfway through is to make your raw file private, which you can choose from the visibility option.

If you want to edit a video from your listed video, you can click on the Editor option in the left-hand corner of your screen to begin editing.

5. Draft Videos

On YouTube Studio, you can create videos to be edited later. Once you upload a video, it automatically goes into drafts. So, if you want to edit it later, just close the upload page and come back when you want to edit.

6. Schedule to Publish Uploaded Video

YouTube Studio lets you schedule an uploaded video to be published later. When you reach the visibility stage in the publishing process, you will be able to set the scheduled publishing time for your video.

7. Manage Your Channels Better By Adding Admins

Managing your YouTube channels can get difficult if you handle it single-handedly. Thankfully, with YouTube Studio, you can add more people and assign them roles to manage your channel.

You can grant permission to other users by navigating to Permissions in the Studio settings, clicking on Manage Permissions, then authenticating your account and clicking on the Plus button to invite a user.

8. Create & Manage Playlists

Playlists allow you to manage your channel content better. You can create different playlists with distinct names, which can help people understand the playlist’s theme better. Go to the left corner menu in YouTube Studio and select Playlist to create a playlist. Then select New Playlist.

9. Manage Your Video Comments

There are many ways to manage viewer comments on YouTube Studio. For example, you may choose what your audience can say in comments, hold them for moderation or disable comments altogether. Go to the Community option in your YouTube Studio settings, choose from Automated filters and Default option to set your preference.

10. Create & Add Subtitles to Videos

If you think your videos need translation, you can add subtitles to the video descriptions on YouTube Studio. You will get the Subtitle option in the first step of your video upload.

Click on More Options, select your video language, and upload the subtitle file from your computer to access the option.

11. Make YouTube Channel Private

Before you make your YouTube channel public, it is wise to upload some videos to it so that your audience will have something to watch. Make sure your channel is private, and then upload a couple of videos.

You can access this option from YouTube Studio as well. Go to Settings>Channel>Advanced Setting>Remove YouTube Content, and you will then get the option to remove or hide your channel from the public.

12. Take Advantage of the Creator Insider Program

You can stay updated with the latest features and functionality of YouTube Studio and YouTube with the Creator Insider program. Check this section frequently if you want to learn about all the latest developments available to creators on the platform.

13. Turn Video Ads On & Off in the YouTube Studio App

If you are in the YouTube partner program and your video meets the platform’s advertising requirements, you can earn money through video ads. Open the YouTube Studio App; from the bottom menu, choose Content, and select the video you want to turn on or off ads for.

Click on Edit and tap the Monetization ($) tab. Select ON to choose the type of ad you want to run or select OFF to turn off video ads.

14. Mobile Monetization Appeal

YouTube Studio app features a mobile monetization appeal feature making it convenient for creators to appeal to monetization decisions made by YouTube with which they disagree. Creators can go to the Content tab in the app, find the video with limited monetization, tap on the $ icon and choose Request Review.

Once the review is requested, a policy specialist will analyze the video and change the video’s monetization status if applicable.

15. Search Filter for Comments

As creators receive an overwhelming number of comments, it gets very tedious to filter and reply to comments. Therefore, the YouTube Studio app comes with an option to filter comments.

This feature can be accessed by clicking on Comments at the navigation bar’s bottom. The following filters can be used to search through the comments.

  • Response status: Has this comment been responded to?
  • Member status: Is the commenter a channel member?
  • Search: Do any comments contain a specific word the creators want to search for?
  • Contains question: Does the comment contain a question?
  • Subscriber count: Does the commenter have at least a certain number of subs?
  • Subscriber status: Is the commenter publicly subscribed to the channel?

Have you tried creating videos on YouTube with YouTube Studio? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments.

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