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7 Reasons Why Your Business Growth Needs SEO Services

Adithya Kumar

November 29, 2022

Search engines have transformed how we receive information and research products/services. These platforms store millions of data points that connect consumers to various brand websites. 

Unsurprisingly, consumers enter 40,000 queries into search engines every second, and it is well known that Google is one of the most visited websites. 

Now that marketers know that this platform is being visited by millions of consumers daily, make sure your brand is also among those search results that are a priority. One sure way to ensure your brand is visible and can be noticed by consumers is through SEO optimization. 

This stands for search engine optimization, a game changer for a brand operating within the digital arena. If you decide to undertake SEO for your business, you enable your business to be visible on search engines so consumers can find you and your products. 

This is done because search engine bots crawl the internet and find websites that would give the audience the best result for what they are looking for. For the bot to recognize that you are a trustworthy source, you must work on your website extensively to add value to the customer journey. 

SEO is a part of digital marketing and has been growing in popularity over the past decade. If you need more convincing on SEO’s importance in business growth, you have come to the right page. This blog will list down the reasons why SEO is vital to your brand in the long run.

The reasons are:

1. Organic Traffic 

An integral part of running a brand website is to have potential customers visit and have a conversion occur. The aim is to bring an ascending number of consumers through search engines. Consumers stumbling upon your page and going to your website can be called organic traffic. 

This kind of traffic is vital for any brand as it is free and means your website is being noticed. It is also a priority since around 53% of website traffic is organic, and SEO is the answer to achieving those metrics.

The trick is incorporating keywords into your website content and ranking your website higher on SERPs (search engine result pages). This will likely drive more organic traffic to your business’s webpage. 

The significance of showing up on the first pages of the SERP is immense since first page results on Google have 28.5% CTR (click-through rate). The likeliness of your link being clicked on drops the further you go on the search pages. 

It has been observed that after the 10th page on Google, your CTR is 2.5%, which is unreliable for any brand. The image below shows how the CTR percentage drops through each SERP position.

google ctr per ranking


So you need SEO to ensure that your website is showing up as a priority on SERP and that consumers are willing to be redirected to your brand’s product pages. 

Without SEO, you are more likely to be missed or scrolled over by potential customers. The importance of SEO in business is incomparable in terms of organic searches.

2. Trust & Credibility

SEO was designed to get your website noticed but also to make your website more consumer friendly. When your site link pops up on SERP, people trust that Google has vetted your website and that they can be redirected safely to continue their customer journey. 

By ensuring search engines and potential customers that their user experience will be smooth and reliable, you build an excellent relationship between you, your customers and the search engine. This way, your web pages will be visited frequently.

When you secure trust and credibility for your website, you establish a significant brand authority on SERP. This is done by keeping a few factors in mind while building your website. These factors include complete trustable links, an understandable UI, machine learning AI and optimizing the content on your website. 

If you ensure you have these covered, your brand authority and consumer trust will naturally improve over time. This is not a short-term process, as it takes time for search engine bots to recognize and decide if your web pages add value and can be trusted. 

Following Google’s guidelines to rank websites on the SERP can help you push your website higher up in the search results. The image below explains how the ranking metrics change and what you need to do to be ranked higher.google focus on the user experience


By staying up to date with Google’s policies, you ensure successful results in your SEO strategy. SEO will improve your brand’s website and secure more loyal customers through trust in your business. Using SEO for business growth and credibility is a sure way to flourish in the digital space.

3. Competitive Edge 

Just like most revolutionary techniques in business, the initial beginning stages of SEO were skeptical as many marketers were used to the traditional ways of marketing a brand. It took time and many successful brands later to be known as a must-have technique for any competitive digital brand. 

Since it does take time for the results to compound and amount to favorable results, the effectiveness of SEO as a tool comes with patience. Today, around 60% of marketers claim that SEO is their best ally in growing organic traffic for a brand.

The results that SEO has brought for numerous businesses since it started have cemented that you might fall behind in your industry without it. Not implementing SEO into your marketing strategy risks not being found on SERP and losing brand visibility to your rivals. 

You can bet that your competitors are already optimizing their brand websites for search engines and are playing the long game for profitable results. So to avoid not taking the top positions on SERP, you need to apply SEO to your brand marketing strategy.

Once you achieve the right level of SEO you want for your brand. You will have a competitive edge over brands that have not done the same, and you also are in the running to compete for top spots on SERP with optimized rivals. 

Consumers will notice this online presence expansion and consider your brand an option over your non-optimized competitors. Your market share will grow along with your digital footprint. Looking at the benefits of SEO, there is hardly any business that can ask what is SEO in digital marketing and why do they need it?

4. Buying Cycle 

Any business aims to have consumers purchase its products/ services sustainably. SEO can assist in achieving a better ROI for your business. By incorporating SEO into your business, you open up your brand to receive top-quality leads. 

It has been observed that leads generated by SEO have a 14.6% close rate among consumers. This is a significant jump in ROI compared to traditional lead generation methods like direct mail advertising which have a 1.7% close rate. A brand can quickly see how far it can go with SEO. 

The ideal SEO strategy is designed to give you more access to potential customers willing to make purchases on your website. This can be done by developing product pages using suitable short-tail and long-tail keywords, which is an essential part of SEO. 

These keywords will enable consumers to find you better and visit your website. For example, if your website link pops up on consumer SERPS, this is the first indication that your brand offers what they are looking for. Once they click on your link, you can then direct them to product pages and get them one step closer to making a conversion. 

This will always be the case since consumers do most product research on search engines. Without SEO, you will have to rely on unpredictable and unmeasurable marketing methods. SEO brings trust and visibility to consumers; these are two pillars determining a smooth buying cycle for any business in the digital space.

5. Cost Effectiveness

Every marketing technique costs money, but the bottom line is that SEO has considerably positive returns for the number of funds you invest in the practice. This might answer the question of why SEO is important for business growth. 

For example, if you decide to use a traditional form of marketing like newspaper ads, there is no measurable return that you can notice from using that. Instead, you will have to pay to appear in those ads repeatedly. Even if you decide to utilize email marketing, you need more data on how many people are reading them and being redirected to your website. 

SEO is more of a one-time investment you make for your brand that can churn out favorable results for you over the next few years. You will need to find keywords that add value or hire an SEO agency to optimize your website. 

But once you have achieved the top spot on the SERP. You will not have to keep paying to be noticed by consumers, unlike other forms of marketing that require you to keep investing money to be visible. The ROI you receive from SEO has a compounding effect, and you will make up the money you initially invested over months. 

Even more advanced forms of marketing, like SEM, paid search ads and PPC campaigns, require you to put significant money into them to ensure you get short-term results. You can see how the average PPC prices have been increasing over the years in the image below.


If you decide to use these methods extensively, you will burn through your marketing budget quickly, and it won’t leave a lasting impact on the SERP compared to SEO. If you are looking for long-game tactics for your brand, then SEO is the most cost-effective practice you can have for your brand. Not to mention maintaining what you achieve is a lot easier than maintaining constant advertising.

6. Page Load Speed

Have you ever found yourself on a SERP and seen an interesting link? You click on it out of sheer curiosity, but the page takes ages to load up. The likelihood of you staying on the page and waiting for minutes is highly unlikely. This is due to the attention span of most consumers being short. 

Right there is the perfect example of losing a customer because of the extended waiting times of brand webpages. You are not alone in feeling this way since around 40% of website visitors leave a webpage if they are made to wait more than 3 seconds. This might be a short window to load a page up, but it is necessary to stay relevant in your industry.

Most businesses advertise online, and consumers use a search engine to do their product research, so ensuring your load speeds for your website is critical in attracting potential customers. Not only will consumers decide to leave your webpage if it takes too long, but search engine crawlers will also recognize this as an undesirable aspect of your webpage and mark you lower on the ranking system. 

Technical SEO aspects help you detect page elements that increase your loading speeds and help you make your webpage more efficient. There can be many reasons your webpage is not opening up in time. For example, it could be non-compressed images or text-heavy content slowing the page loading time. 

These elements bring down the overall user experience of a brand website, making your brand less likely to conduct a conversion on the website. Google, one of the most significant search engines, has also marked loading speeds for pages as one of the leading factors in ranking your website on SERP. So if you want to be noticed and stay relevant, you need to use technical SEO analysis to improve your page speed.

7. SEO Is The New Norm For Businesses 

Now is the perfect time to start if you are yet to invest in SEO. Consumers have a taste for scouring the SERP to find the product/ service they are looking for, and it looks like this research practice will continue. 

It will pick up more technological advances, which is constant. Most brands understand this and are trying to find cost-effective and measurable ways by which they can reach consumers on SERP. 

SEO’s role in marketing strategy might change over time, and it could be the sole method by which brands reach customers. This explains SEO’s importance in business growth. By regularly utilizing SEO audits, you can find out what works for you and doesn’t. 

The idea of bombarding ads into the consumer’s feed or the page will desensitize them, and only organic search will be the most honest way to find products and services. This is where SEO will shine the most. SEO will always be used everywhere and by everyone to the point where brands can reach consumers through different entry points like wearable technology and apps. 

Search engines themselves are going to be updated, and the next generations of search engines will pioneer more organic ways to make your brand visible. It is said that deep neural networks and machine learning that power search engines will be valued at $55.7 billion in 2025, from their humble start of $14.9 billion in 2019. 

With this kind of growth, brands need to invest more in how to get recognized with search engine bots and optimize their brand’s online visibility. In addition, SEO can lead businesses to new business opportunities and valuable collaborations.

SEO is the future for most brands if they want to grow and prosper in the digital world. These tips should have helped you understand SEO’s importance in business growth. However, the initial investment mentioned above can be taxing if you are not well-versed in SEO practices. That is why it would be a good idea to hire an agency that could help with SEO services like SV Digital.

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