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Twitter Rolls Out Podcasts in the Spaces Tab

Adithya Kumar

August 26, 2022

Every social media platform receives updates constantly to satisfy the trends that have gained popularity over time, and Twitter is no exception. This platform is known for bringing like-minded individuals together and allowing them to share their thoughts or opinions through tweets. Recently, Twitter announced that they introduced a new way users can interact with each other, podcasts. 

Starting from August 25th, users can use this feature on the Spaces tab of their account. This came into effect after Twitter observed that some users require more than 280 characters to get their point across. The platform wants its users to feel appreciated and content creators to be able to stay ahead of the curve. Are you intrigued yet? Let’s dive into how this feature has been integrated into Twitter.

How It Works

Audio creators can now find themselves creating podcasts on the Spaces tab of Twitter. This feature is easily accessible with a simple “click and listen to” concept. The Spaces tab was redesigned to be more user-friendly to its listeners. You can expect customized spaces that collect creators’ audio content in categories like music, news, sports, etc. This level of personalized content will give users more control of what they listen to and a better variety of audio content that is relatable to them. 

If you want to know what’s trending these days, this new feature also groups the most famous content from around the world for users to view anytime. Twitter researched and recorded that 45% of US users also regularly tune into podcasts. This drove them to make podcasts on their platform more streamlined and easy to use. They also will give suggestions to podcast listeners about topics they are interested in based on their tastes and preferences on the platform. 

So if you engage with content about your favorite sports team, don’t be surprised if audio content surrounding your sports team or teams pops up on your suggestions list. Podcasts will also be able to receive positive or negative feedback from users through the thumbs up and thumbs down reactive icon. This would go towards customizing your experience on the platform. 

User Testing For Podcasts

Twitter has been introducing new ways for users to engage on their platform, whether on the Spaces tab through podcasts or newsletters. Their innovation will never stop to make users feel heard and boost them towards being one of the world’s most engaging platforms. The feature has been released on IOS and Android, and this would be focusing mainly on the English-speaking audience initially. 

Don’t just listen to us; get out there and try the new update yourself. It would be easy to navigate, and if you find any trouble finding the content you like, Twitter encourages its users to leave feedback and comments so they can tweak their features to be more user-friendly. This is quite a new change for the platform so make sure you take full advantage of your access and experiment with new audio content.

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