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Top 10 Popular Social Media Platforms for Business

Shreoshe Ghosh

July 29, 2022

More than half of the world population (58.4%) now uses social media as per a study published by Datareportal in 2022. In addition, some more significant milestones have been achieved this year in the field of social media, such as 2X growth of social media users year-over-year, the rise of social commerce, and immense growth of social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. 

Looking at all these stats, one thing is evident – no matter what social media platform you invest in for your business, you’ll have a high chance of connecting with your target audience. 

People are no longer on social media for networking purposes; they use this communication medium to discover brands, explore their offerings and make purchase decisions. 71% of people with a positive purchase experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to friends and family.

Social media is one of the most inexpensive marketing tools for businesses today, yet its benefits are multifold. Firstly, it can give your brand the right exposure and improve brand visibility. Second, this platform can be used to promote your products and services and third, it can generate leads for your business and boost conversions. 

However, with the increasing number of social media sites today, it can be challenging to establish your business’s presence everywhere. Still, there are certain sites where you ought to build your presence and connect with your customers. 

In this post, we’ll explore the top social media sites or platforms for businesses in 2022 and find out how they can help businesses grow.

1. Facebook 

Top Social Media Platform - Facebook Homepage

Launched In: 2004

CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, US

Monthly Active Users: 2.91 billion

Facebook is now Meta Inc. and owns Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Meta is short for Metaverse, a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on building connections, growing virtual communities and helping businesses grow online. Facebook has helped people connect and is now moving beyond 2D screens and venturing into AR and VR to bring a revolutionary and immersive social experience. 

Out of all social media platforms available today, Facebook has one of the most advanced social advertising platforms that help businesses promote their products and services. It allows you to target your ads based on user location, age, gender, interests, relationship status, buying behavior and more. 

However, organic post engagement is not entirely dead on Facebook. If you are a small business owner who is not looking to invest in ads immediately. In that case, you can focus on creating engaging and meaningful posts and promote them on your business page and similar Facebook groups for free. You may not see quick results, but maintaining consistency over time can give fruitful results.

The versatility of the platform and its users make it a top marketing channel for several small to large businesses. Some of the leading industries on the platform include automotive, consumer goods, ecommerce, entertainment, finance, telecommunications and retail.

2. YouTube

Top Social Media Platform - Youtube Homepage

Launched In: 2005

CEO: Susan Wojcicki

Headquarters: San Bruno, California, US

Monthly Active Users: 2.2 billion

YouTube continues to be the second most popular social media platform of 2022 and the top video social network. YouTube is often called the second-largest search network after its parent company, Google. If your business utilizes videos in its marketing strategy, it should have its presence on the platform. 

YouTube has a versatile user base, much like Facebook and covers all genres from travel, beauty, and food to gaming, tech and DIY tutorials. Video content is gaining popularity as the most sought-after format since it is easy to understand and keeps users engaged. 

Creating a YouTube channel for your business and uploading videos on it is free, but if you want a better reach and earn more customers from the platform, consider investing in YouTube ads. For YouTube ads, you can control the goal or objective you want to set, be it gaining more views on your videos, getting more subscribers to your channel, increasing website visits, etc. 

3. WhatsApp

Top Social Media Platform - Whatsapp Chat Screen

Launched In: 2009

CEO: Will Cathcart

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, US

Monthly Active Users: 2.44 billion

Whatsapp is still the most popular social messaging app, beating Facebook messenger. The heavy-encrypted app is not the most obvious choice for most brands looking out for social media marketing. 

But it’s worth a try, considering that WhatsApp messages have a 98% open rate compared to only 20% for email messages. Also, sending messages on Whatsapp is free of cost, unlike SMS. WhatsApp has a huge potential to serve as one of the primary platforms for customer service and retention. 

4. Instagram 

Top Social Media Platform - Instagram

Launched In: 2010

Head: Adam Mosseri

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, US

Monthly Active Users: 2 billion

Instagram is a thriving social media platform for influencers, coaches and product owners. With the introduction of shoppable posts on Instagram in 2018, product-based businesses can expect higher than ever ROI. Not only is it great news for B2C businesses, but also B2Bs.

Instagram is widely used by the younger generation, primarily by audiences under 35. So, if your business is targeted at that age demographics, it could be a great platform to use for your business marketing. Because Instagram has all the similar paid benefits as Facebook, you can run very targeted ads here and get leads for your business. 

If you lack the advertising budget, Instagram can still help you grow organically by sharing interesting content through your account. You can share images, videos, reels, and interviews, collaborate with influencers for product promotions, carry out cross-promotional activities with other brands, and much more.

5. TikTok

Top Social Media Platform - Tiktok Stories

Launched In: 2016

CEO: Shou Zi Chew

Headquarters: Culver City, US

Monthly Active Users: 1.39 billion

TikTok claims to be the leading platform for short mobile videos. It is a comparatively new social media platform but has seen tremendous growth in a short time. Within a year of its launch, it became one of the fastest-growing apps worldwide. 

It is ideal if you want to connect with Gen Z. The platform allows users to create short videos between 15 to 60 seconds. As a brand, your objective on this platform should be to get the users to purchase your products. You can build a community of followers who will engage with your content beyond viewing. If this community shares your content on their account, it increases the number of views for you. You can also cross-post your TikTok videos on other platforms, such as Instagram Reels. 

You can also go live on TikTok to connect with your followers, create videos on what is trending on the platform,  and remix videos with your followers or influencers. Besides organic marketing efforts, you can also run ads on TikTok to promote your brand and its products. 

6. Snapchat

Top Social Media Platform - Snapchat

Launched In: 2011

CEO: Evan Spiegel

Headquarters: Santa Monica, California, United States

Monthly Active Users: 530 million

If your target demographic is the younger generation, then Snapchat should be one of the social media platforms you should be marketing at. The most active users on the platforms are 13-year-olds who spend more than 30 minutes per day on the app. 

Snapchat is an incredible platform to market your products with the help of user-generated content, behind-the-scenes videos, influencer collaborations, sponsoring lenses and geo-filters and running snap ads. Snap ads are ten-second long full-screen videos with vertical alignment where you can add CTAs according to your conversion goals. 

7. Reddit

Top Social Media Platform - Reddit Homepage

Launched In: 2005

CEO: Steve Huffman

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Monthly Active Users: 430 million

According to rankings by Alexa, Reddit is one of the top 20 most-visited sites worldwide and is the powerhouse of online communities, with approximately 2.8 million of them. 

On Reddit, you can find subreddits on every topic imaginable, making it the right fit for a wide range of businesses to dive into the discussions and add some value. Reddit is meant to share content that other users can find helpful. Take the time to participate in discussions related to your business niche, answer questions and share other valuable insights. 

However, you must be careful about what you say on the platform. Too much self-promotion may not be a good idea to try here, as users can quickly call you out for not adding actual value to the conversation thread. 

8. Pinterest

Top Social Media Platform - Pinterest Profile

Launched In: 2010

CEO: Bill Ready

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Monthly Active Users: 433 million

Pinterest is an image-sharing social networking site where users can discover and save information using images, tiny clips and gifs. If your business sells visually stunning products or anything that has to do with many images, Pinterest can be one of your top social media platforms for marketing it. 

It should also be noted that 60% of Pinterest users are females. So you can use this to your benefit to promote your products. Some of the most popular pins on Pinterest are from food, travel, decor, wedding, workout and DIY niches.

Since most users browse Pinterest on mobile, ensure that the image you pin has a 2:3 aspect ratio. Additionally, whatever image you choose to pin from your business account should be of the highest quality. You must also consider adding your brand logo to the pins and ensure that each of your pins links to proper URLs and doesn’t end up in 404 errors.

For experimenting further, you can also share gifs, short videos and carousel images in pins. To keep up with the platform’s purpose, you can also post certain tutorials besides sharing your product images. You can also advertise on Pinterest and reach out to a broader audience by targeting specific keywords and audience demographics such as age, gender, interests, location and so on. 

When marketing on Pinterest, ensure that your account is set up as a business instead of an individual. A business account on the platform will give you access to Pinterest analytics to monitor your reach, run a wide variety of ads and set up a shop tab through which people can visit your website for purchase. 

9. Twitter

Top Social Media Platform - Twitter Homepage

Launched In: 2006

CEO: Parag Agarwal 

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Monthly Active Users: 217 million

Twitter is a microblogging site and is quite popular with brands in sports, politics, entertainment, and tech niches. On Twitter, brands can deliver personalized and informative tweets to hone their voices. 

If you’re on Twitter, you can keep an eye out for trending news and discussions related to your niche. This will allow you to tweet on trending topics, use trending hashtags and join active conversations. It is also an excellent platform for collaborating with influencers and celebrities to endorse your products or services and promote a lot of user-generated content. 

To encourage your followers to engage with your brands, you can run polls on Twitter and ask them to be a part of your brand’s necessary decision-making process. Tapping into trending and seasonal topics is one of the best ways to be ahead on Twitter. Moreover, you can run paid ads on Twitter to increase your reach more quickly and effectively.

10. LinkedIn 

Top Social Media Platform - Linkedin Profile

Launched In: 2003

CEO: Ryan Roslansky

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, United States

Monthly Active Users: 89.7 million

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented online networking site widely used by professionals worldwide. LinkedIn allows you to network with professionals from the same or different industries, share job insights, post job vacancies and much more. 

LinkedIn marketing works equally well for B2C and B2B companies. When on LinkedIn, create your company page and share all posts and updates. This will help people to follow your page easily and get regular updates. You need to share insightful information in your LinkedIn posts, such as your company growth report or sales report for a specific period and share them using relevant hashtags. 

LinkedIn advertising is a very advanced lead generation strategy. You can create targeted ads to show on LinkedIn to your preferred audience or send sponsored InMail to your prospective leads. You can also join relevant groups on LinkedIn or create one to connect with like-minded individuals and help your business reach more people.

Bonus: Facebook Messenger

Top Social Media Platform - Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is very much a part of Facebook, but you have to download the Facebook Messenger app separately while browsing it on your mobile. We’ve mentioned Facebook Messenger separately because it provides a handful of extra features outside Facebook.

You can send direct messages to someone on the app with Facebook Messenger. This is something that you can use to your advantage. Facebook offers advertising campaigns that are specifically developed for Facebook Messenger.

With this feature, when someone clicks on your ad, they will be prompted to start a chat with your business page. Once someone reaches your page that way, you can take the conversation forward and try to convert them. This is a good option for businesses that work on a lead-generation model. 

Besides, you can also craft customized messages for your Facebook business page so that when someone reaches out to you, they get an automated reply. Such instant replies can build trust in people and encourage them to shop from you.  


Individuals of all ages are widely using social media. So, businesses need to be present on them. However, not every social media platform may help businesses with their marketing efforts. Therefore, choosing the best social media sites per your business goals and objectives is essential. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you zero down on the best social media platform for your business. Let us know your business’s social media mix in the comments.


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