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17 Social Media Marketing Trends Predictions For 2023 | SV Digital

Shreoshe Ghosh

December 13, 2022

Social media has become an integral part of digital marketing efforts and the benefits of social media are huge. 

Brands can use it to discover new audiences, provide customer support, and engage with existing customers. 

Social media can assist brands in building an excellent reputation for themselves through increased conversion rates and brand loyalty.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and actively using them helps brands take advantage of social media marketing opportunities. 

With 2022 coming to an end, it’s time to prepare for trending social media ideasthat will impact social media usage in the future. 

Here are some social media marketing predictions in 2023 that we can expect to see on five popular social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.


In 2022, Zuckerberg’s first social media app was overshadowed by Tiktok’s popularity. 

But, despite this setback, Facebook plans to bounce back in 2023 with a host of new features and updates. 

Let’s take a look at what Facebook has in store for everyone next year.

1. More AI-recommended Content

The next few months will see an influx of posts from people and pages you don’t currently follow in your feed. 

Although this will initially attract some negative feedback, it will eventually lead to a satisfactory outcome in the long run, said Zuckerberg in one of his interviews this year.

The rise of AI-based content comes after TikTok changed its algorithm to show the best content in users’ feeds instead of them building a social graph. 

This allows users to see updates from everyone, not just profiles they choose, and makes it easier for creators and brands to reach a wider audience outside their follower base.

 2. Better Engagement With Family & Friends 

As AI-based content gets more prominent, people will want to find new ways to connect with family and friends. 

Facebook can succeed against TikTok because the latter is not essentially an app to connect with family and friends but to be used for entertainment purposes.

Meta agrees that most private interactions on the app happen over DM, but your feed is still an important part of getting updates on people you know and care about. 

Hopefully, as 2023 emerges, the app will find a way to strike a balance between posts from family and friends and AI-based content on users’ feeds.

3. Integrating Avatar

To spread awareness about the Metaverse, Meta is integrating its digital avatars into different places in the app. 

In an effort to encourage users to keep interacting with one another in an engaging and fun way, Meta encourages its users to create and use their digital avatars often.

Meta has introduced avatars into posts, status updates, chats and post comments. It has also launched its avatar store, where users can choose different clothing options for their avatars. 

In the future, Meta plans to let creators, artists and fashion brands develop their own digital fashion items and sell them on the app.

4. Boosting In-message Ads

As more interaction is happening on direct messages, Meta plans to introduce new tools to help brands benefit from this. 

It wants to increase clicks to in-message ads on Facebook messenger and WhatsApp chats which could be a powerful tool for brands to engage and promote their businesses via DMs.

In the future, you will see more Facebook ads in your chats. Whether brands will be able to benefit from that is something we’ll have to wait and see.

5. Augmented Reality Experiences

Meta is developing its AR glasses but will likely release them sometime next year. 

Although Meta plans to release its AR glasses by 2024, expect to see early momentum from the company to give it a much-needed push.

This could be a step toward the broader Metaverse plan, with more AR tools to come that would get more creators and brands engaged in 3D object creation.


Instagram is also likely to stay up to the latest social media trends and curate experiences that are in tandem with user consumption trends and habits.

Let’s take a look at what Instagram plans to do in the coming year to sustain its popularity.

6. Rise of Al-recommended Content 

Instagram also plans to boost AI-recommended content to drive more user engagement. In 2022, Instagram had to reverse its decision to increase AI-recommended content following user complaints. 

However, Instagram will continue to improve its AI algorithm in order to drive more views and engagement in the future since it is one of the most popular social media marketing trends of this year. 

Since Instagram Reels has proven to be the fastest-growing content format, you can expect this trend to continue in 2023. 

In addition, Instagram may soon launch a full-screen feed for users who frequently engage with the Instagram Reel and Story formats.

7. Interactive Ad Formats

Instagram plans to use augmented reality technology and interactive ads like other social media platforms to improve user engagement.

It has recently introduced several new ad formats and is planning to introduce many more in the coming months.

Instagram is introducing new ads into the Explore section of its feed. Although the company hasn’t confirmed whether Explore Ads will be a permanent feature, it will provide a good opportunity for new brands to get discovered by the audience easily.

It is also testing ads in profile feeds. If you interact with an ad on the platform, it will show similar ads from other businesses on your main feed. 

This could help brands discover interested users more easily.

Finally, Instagram has launched a beta version of its AR ads. This version lets users interact with AR ad content on their main feed and stories. This move also aims to make the platform more prepared for the Metaverse.

 8. Live Shopping

Instagram will soon launch its live shopping feature, allowing users to shop in real-time. 

The popularity of other social media apps, such as Facebook, has helped make the live shopping feature a hit, and with Instagram trying to match up to the success of these platforms, the live shopping feature will certainly be available on Instagram soon.

It can easily qualify for one of the biggest social media trends in 2023.


The most anticipated changes to Twitter next year will result from Elon Musk taking over the platform recently. 

The new CEO plans to replace the entire management and engineering teams, so he must have big plans for the company. 

Based on what we’ve seen him do so far, here are some new social media marketing trends that can be expected in 2023.

9. Pushing Subscriptions

Musk has been quite vocal about pushing Twitter to introduce a subscription-based app usage model. This approach will also help the platform get rid of bots. 

He plans to do this by asking the platform’s users to pay a monthly fee to use the app; in return, the app will provide them with advanced analytics features and insights.

Twitter removed many analytics features in 2020 and has yet to bring them back. 

If Elon Musk’s plan is put into action, then many businesses will sign up to use Twitter again because of the professional profile display option and advanced analytics feature that will be offered with his proposed subscription plan.

10. Additional Verification Ticks

In an effort to crack down on bots and fake profiles, Musk is trying to implement strict measures to authenticate real human profiles and remove bots from the app. 

The best way to do this is through email or phone verification. 

Users who confirm their details will be given a different color verification tick to mark the difference between general verified, and premium verified profiles. 

Although removing bots entirely from an app may be challenging in 2023, strict verification measures will limit their impact.

 11. Free Speech

With Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, we can expect a host of changes to its features.

For example, Musk has always been headstrong about promoting “free speech” in the app. 

But, how that fares owing to Twitter’s speech restrictions based on internal parameters is something to watch out for in the future.


LinkedIn, the professional networking site, has seen record levels of engagement throughout the year. 

In the coming year, it is expected to maintain an equally engaged audience with more opportunities for people to connect with each other professionally, take up more LinkedIn learning courses to upskill themselves and get more job industry data and insights. 

Let’s see what this social media app has to offer in 2023.

12. More Data Insights For Jobseekers

LinkedIn owns the largest database of job industry data insights in the world. It is finding more ways to utilize it in helping people choose the right career path and land a good job. 

LinkedIn could use AI to assess what other people with similar skills and interests are doing and guide people with extensive career options without stereotyping them into specific job roles. 

This could also benefit recruiters by highlighting the best candidates for a job by assessing their skills and interests and making the hiring process for companies more time-saving. 

13. Bigger Focus on Audio

Being a professional networking platform, LinkedIn seems to be the right place to release audio podcasts, host professional audio events and publish audio stories focused on professional engagement. 

The platform has been developing its audio feature for quite some time, and we can expect it to be utilized to its full potential. 

For example, in 2023, we could see features like audio meet-ups for people to connect for professional chats and audio room features within LinkedIn groups. We might also see companies hosting more audio events on the platform.

14. Improved Video Tools

LinkedIn has recently seen a rise in video content, just like any other social media app. 

We expect Linkedin to introduce new video tools and features to facilitate more video content on the app.

LinkedIn is set to roll out updates to make video a more prominent part of the LinkedIn experience. 

The updates include advanced video meeting options, live video streams and more ways for employers to connect with employees through video content format. 

LinkedIn has already seen a lot of video engagement on the app, and it won’t be surprising if it adds a dedicated video tab in the coming months and utilizes it as one of the strongest social media marketing tools on the platform.

15. Feed Revamp

LinkedIn last updated its user feed a while ago. 

Since video content is growing on other platforms, it makes sense that LinkedIn would want to change its feed layout in the coming months to boost conversions

LinkedIn might introduce a full-screen video experience like Instagram TV, giving creators more room for their content. They could also showcase podcasts and live events in that space.


Let’s talk about TikTok. 

The app has been popular this year and will likely remain popular in 2023. 

It is also arguably the most controversial app of all time. 

Assumptions of its link to the Chinese government are still under scrutiny, but it continues to be a hit among the younger generation. 

So, what social media marketing trends does TikTok have in store for 2023? Let’s find out!

16. Live Stream Shopping

Live stream shopping is the key revenue driver for the app in China, and it may also plan to expand that model to other regions. 

Live stream shopping is already popular in Asian regions but is yet to make a mark in Western countries. 

However, TikTok is determined to make it work to maximize its revenue and provide an opportunity for creators to showcase their creations.

Expect this to become a much more prominent feature in 2023. 

Right now, creators can earn less than they can earn through YouTube videos because you cannot insert mid-roll ads in between short clips.

But, TikTok is finding ways to help creators benefit from the app more effectively by next year. 

17. New Payment Options For Creators

Creator payment has become a significant issue on the app as its Creator Fund is growing. 

Many creators are worried that the app needs to pay them more for the content they create. 

Although TikTok has plans to recognize its top creators and compensate them adequately, YouTube’s short-form video monetization plan is a threat to the platform.

If TikTok doesn’t figure out how to compensate creators, it may lose them to other video apps like YouTube. 

Instead, TikTok should take a lesson from YouTube’s short content monetization program and pay its top-performing creators all the ad revenue based on their video views.

 This would encourage top creators on the platform to create more content in the future.

Here’s to hoping these social media marketing trends take off next year and we get to see many new features on our favorite apps. 

Which platform do you use most often and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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