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Top 11 Social Media Marketing Tools You Need in 2022

Shreoshe Ghosh

July 5, 2022

Social media has revolutionized how brands market their products and connect with customers. It is a powerful medium for businesses to spread brand awareness and influence buying decisions. Social media marketing is constantly evolving, and businesses are trying to innovate new ways to keep their audience engaged.

A lot of planning and hard work goes into creating each social media post.

Besides ensuring that your brand content is 100% original, you also need to maintain the look and feel of your social profiles and posts to maintain uniformity and create your unique brand identity. You also need to determine the right platform and time of the day to post your content.

This means that the success of your social posts is not only dependent on your copywriter, but it’s a result of teamwork, including strategists, copywriters, graphic designers and social media managers. So when different people with varied job roles work towards a common goal, it becomes imperative to streamline the process from start to finish.

Thankfully, there are several helpful social media marketing tools that you can utilize to speed up your job, ensure minimum errors and meet deadlines. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most effective social media marketing tools of 2022 and how each contributes to efficient social media management.


1. Buffer

Buffer Tool

Buffer helps you manage your daily social media posts on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. The free plan allows you to add and schedule content to be published at the desired time and channel, view your content across all social channels every week or month, and reply to and manage comments on your social posts.

With the premium plan starting at $10/month, you can get multi-user access, analyze the performance of your posts, stories, hashtags and more, generate custom branded reports, manage and reply to social comments, approve workflow tools and use a host of other vital features.


2. HootSuite

Hoot Suite Tool

HootSuite is a very effective social media marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. With a HootSuite account, you can schedule, monitor and engage on your social media platforms.

With the team plan starting at $7540/month, you can manage upto 20 social media accounts, grant team access and permissions, assign specific tasks to each team member, respond to messages, conversations and mentions and analyze the performance of your social media posts.


3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social Tool

Sprout Social offers a robust social media management solution for businesses and enterprises. Besides planning, creating and managing your social media posts, the platform’s dashboard provides a deep insight into the sentiments of your audience by tracking their behavior and demographics, identifying influencers and thought leaders in your industry, and analyzing competitor performance to identify content gaps.

The Standard plan for Sprout Social starts at $89/user/month. You can manage upto 5 social profiles with this plan, create a content calendar to develop content ideas, draft and queue posts to be published, monitor customer reviews across social channels, track customer conversation history, and retrieve content information to help with customer relationship management (CRM).


4. SocialPilot

Social Pilot Tool

SocialPilot lets you schedule and manage social media posts from a single place, invite team members to collaborate on different accounts, assign specific tasks, create a social calendar to get an overview of your weekly or monthly posting strategy, reply to social media comments, stories and messages from a single inbox for easy management, get information about your performance and customize social media reports. SocialPilot’s Studio package with upto 4 user access starts at $63.75/month.


5. Canva

Canva Tool

Canva is a powerful platform for generating visual content. Using this tool, you can create professional images for your social media posts. Canva is a boon for agencies or businesses that do not have professional graphic designing knowledge but want to create professional-looking branded social posts. Canva offers many free and premium templates for different types of graphic-based content like logos, videos, banners, posters, cards, infographics and more.

Canva’s pro plan that 5 users can use starts at $12.99/month. You can explore exclusive features like resizing images, downloading images with transparent backgrounds, built-in workflows for design approvals and creating and publishing social media content from Canva editor to 7 platforms.


6. Animoto

Animoto Tool

Animoto is a platform for creating video content. It is a helpful tool for brands looking for professional video content creation with ease. The basic plan is free to use. However, if you want to use it to create branded video content, you must get the Professional plan starting at $29/month.

With the professional plan, you can easily trim and resize videos, add your business logo or watermark, customize the colors and fonts, add transition effects, add voice overs or use free music for your videos. You can then share the video directly on your social channels.


7. BuzzSumo

Buzz Sumo Tool

BuzzSumo is a goldmine of content ideas and anything related to content. Using this tool, you can generate thousands of social media content ideas in a single search, tap into trending topics, explore high-ranking keywords, analyze headings and sub-headings and content structure of top-ranking content, find influencers in your niche and know where to share your content for better engagement.

With the paid version of this tool priced at $299/month, you can access additional features such as finding content gaps by analyzing what questions people are asking online related to your niche, finding YouTube videos ideas, analyzing and comparing video performance with your competitors, analyzing Facebook page content and performance metrics, etc.


8. CoSchedule

Co-Schedule Tool

CoSchedule is a simple tool for scheduling your social media posts. Instead of posting your social posts multiple times daily, use this tool to simplify the process. You can schedule upto 5 posts a day. In addition, you can use this tool to analyze and create attractive headlines for your social media posts or articles, test email subject lines to drive more clicks and optimize social media messages for better engagement and conversions.

With CoSchedule’s paid version priced at $29/month/user, you can invite team members to access your content calendar, discuss your content requirements by tagging, commenting or adding attachments in the discussion area, save workflows, set project tasks and contributors, assign tasks to team members, connect upto 10 social profiles and schedule unlimited posts to be published.


9. Later

Later Tool

Later helps manage visual posts on social media. Using this tool, you can post content on Pinterest and Instagram, and it also works in a limited capacity on Facebook and Twitter. The platform offers a drag-and-drop system to help you quickly schedule visual content on these social sites. Later works for all types of visual content like images, videos and carousels.

Other features of this tool include media import from multiple devices, multi-account functionality with easy switching between different channels, advanced performance analytic data, finding and sharing user-generated content and integration with Linkin.bio to monetize posts. Later premium plans start at $15/month.


10. Sendible

Sendible Tool

Sendible is another useful social media marketing tool for agencies. Sendible allows you to customize social media posts for different platforms in bulk, add high-quality images to your social media platforms using the tool’s built-in image editor, preview your posts on each platform before they go live, add automated geotag locations and hashtags to your Instagram posts, and monitor mentions, comments and messages and reply to them in one place.
It helps you easily collaborate with team members, explore one-click reports to understand how your social media strategy is performing, create custom reports and find the best-performing posts. Sendible’s premium plans for agencies start at $89/month.


11. MeetEdgar

Meet Edgar Tool

MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling tool that automatically pulls posts from your content library and shares them across your social media channels. This tool shares your evergreen content from time to time on your social platforms to boost engagement and bring better ROI for your business.

With MeetEdgar, you’ll never run out of posts to share with your social audience because it ensures that your content is re-shared without boring your audience. It features a category-based scheduling tool that allows you to mix different content to share and monitor performance. The tool’s premium monthly plan starts at $49.99/month.

With these handy social media tools, managing your business’s social profiles won’t be cumbersome. Since most people today discover new brands mostly on social media, it is, therefore, crucial for businesses to invest in good social media marketing tools to increase their reach.

Which of these social media tools are you familiar with? Which is your go-to tool for social media management. Let us know in the comments.

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