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Social Media Marketing impact on Business Post-Covid Era

Adithya Kumar

December 6, 2022

During the pandemic, many businesses shut down because they could not adapt to the new business environment. Some businesses saw this as an opportunity to grow and expand into new markets. But overall, the pandemic did affect consumers and businesses immensely. 

Social media came to the rescue for brands that needed an outlet to reach their consumers still. These platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, also allow you to advertise your products and services. These came in the form of paid ads showing on users’ feeds. Since most of the world’s population was confined to quarantine, consumers were left to keep themselves busy during that time. One of the most common ways people did that was to scroll through social media.

Some brands noticed this behavior change and decided to change their content to suit social media platforms. SMM (social media marketing) was an effective tool to ensure businesses got all the benefits of their new wave of doing business. Brands had to also adapt to having their employees work from home. If you did not operate in an industry that was classified as essential, you found yourself losing a significant amount of your onsite workforce. 

But, there are many pros and cons the pandemic brought to the business world in various industries. This blog will explore how businesses functioned during the pandemic and how they used social media marketing post-covid era.  

The Significance Of Social Media Marketing Post-Covid Era

Since social media marketing strategy helped numerous brands prosper during the covid period, continuing to use these SMM strategies would be logical to keep consumers engaged and profits high. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why social media marketing has come to the forefront for businesses in the post covid era: 

1. Social Listening Has Become Increasingly Important

The pandemic period made it very clear that brands had to listen to their consumers more and could not rely on traditional forms of consumer communication. This called for an even more in-depth understanding of customer needs. 

To be successful, you no longer could avoid using the full might of social media marketing in the post covid era to increase business growth. But, understanding how consumers engage with social media is no small feat. The thought of consumer behavior shifting again post covid is a valid worry to have. Consumers have also had to adapt to being out of quarantine and finding new ways to shop for products and services. 

This is why you can incorporate social media monitoring/ listening tools in your marketing strategy to stay up-to-date with what consumers think. In each new phase of the covid unlocking era, consumers would think of new ways to connect with online businesses and explore the digital world. 

Social listening tools are designed to gather data about how consumers engage with your business on various portals. You can also access reports that will pinpoint specific data for you and make it easier to analyze. These reports will help you figure out what consumers are saying about you and enable you to adjust your social media campaigns accordingly. 

By keeping up to date with consumers in your industry, you will find it easier to build a community around your brand that adds value to consumer lives.

2. Reinforce Your Brand Image to be More Empathetic 

It would be helpful if you were more attuned to the new and informed consumer. The consumer’s priorities have changed in the post-covid period, and you should consider using language that is more sensitive to the feelings of people.

Your brand’s tone must be approachable, empathetic, and helpful. Show your customers you care by empathizing with their challenges, helping them solve those challenges, and going the extra mile to make their lives easier.

One reason to use social media marketing in the post-covid era is to ensure that you are always available to your customers. Being there for your customers when they need you will earn their loyalty and appreciation. Listen to your customers, analyze the data you collect, and make decisions that put their needs and priorities at your business’s forefront. You must also avoid sharing content that can trigger users and portray a negative image of your brand.

3. Emphasize Promoting User-Generated Content

Consumers now spend most of their time on social media post the pandemic, and everything from entertainment to shopping to banking is all online now. This means the best way to reach your customers is through social media in business

Online shopping is a go-to for most consumers, leading many brands to switch from storefronts to digital stores. Social media trends are what brands need to be well informed about in the post-covid-19 era, and the power of social media is set only to keep increasing.

Creating a digital campaign where every aspect of the content is your responsibility can be time-consuming and burn through financial resources. But engaging and interacting with consumers on social media is vital. As a tactic to reach the right audiences, you must implement the use of user-generated content. 

These are brand experiences detailed and documented by consumers posted on social media, aiming to get the proper exposure and attention on any social media platform. This can be in the form of photos and videos. User-generated content can be a cost-effective, genuine and sustainable form of social media marketing in the post covid era. It is also well-accepted by the people.

Product reviews and unboxing, testing and even customizations are all forms of user-based content you can use for your SMM (social media marketing) strategy. It is infrequent for consumers to try a brand no one has ever recommended or rated. In the post covid era, user-generated content is a guarantee your business can be trusted and has repeat customers.

4. Leverage Influencer Marketing to Build Trust

Like some brands thrived in the post covid era, many content creators on social media rose to become leading social media influencers. This term is given to individuals that influence change and thoughts of consumers on social media through their content. 

Social media influencers’ power lies in their interpersonal relationship with consumers. It is not a faceless business interacting with social media users; it is another human that brings valuable content to their feeds. This gives a sense of trust and loyalty to consumers. Brands looking to kick-start their social media marketing in the post covid era or elevate their current strategy can look to influencers to assist them in improving their brand reach on social media platforms. 

Finding the right influencer to represent your brand is vital. Maintaining a strong relationship with influencers is an excellent way to ensure your brand presence on social media will not be toppled by your rivals. If consumers trust an influencer recommending your brand, they will trust your brand too.

5. Focus on Social Commerce to Boost Sales

The shopping behavior of the average consumer has evolved post-covid. As a result, businesses have adopted emerging technologies to drive online sales and improve customer experience.

Brands that would have never had to use e-commerce platforms before are now utilizing this service in the post-Covid era. For example, online grocery shopping has led to the consumer being reliant on these services even now. The convenience and the bulk of the operation have helped brands reach numerous customers and attract many potential ones. This new category has emerged because of social media and the ability to market to anyone on the internet. 

Similarly, numerous social media marketing tools work well with e-commerce platforms that help you track your sales and progress. E-commerce has also allowed consumers to shop on social media shuffling through services and products. The idea of not having to leave a social media platform to make a purchase is the power of e-commerce capabilities in improving brand sales. In addition, various social media platforms have integrated with e-commerce platforms to provide the best shopping experience for consumers in the digital business market.

6. Revolutionize Social Customer Support Using AI  

AI has improved customer support in 3 ways post covid-19:

  • Automated Routing 

Brands have now upgraded to increase the speed at which a consumer can get in touch with a business representative. This is crucial for successful customer service functionality, and the quicker it is, the happier the consumer. Automated routing is the only way to ensure customers engage with brand customer support executives swiftly. This includes messages and requests that a customer has made. Without this AI-powered technology, consumers would have high wait times, and general dissatisfaction with the brand could be a likely result.

The speed of customer service responses is vital for customer satisfaction. For example, over 42% of consumers expect replies from the brand on social media should be within an hour. The AI system could read the message, assess the problem and send the query to the proper brand official to be solved. This streamlines the customer services process if your brand receives thousands of consumer requests daily. 

  • AI-Supported Scalability 

The customer support capabilities of a brand can be expanded with AI. Without having to hire additional staff to take on the workload. AI can respond to consumers 24/7. This allows the customer support department to gather information and solve consumer queries at odd hours. Even if the AI can’t tackle the problem instantly, it can still gather data about the query and pass it on to the next brand representative that comes online. This is an economical way to cater to consumer needs whenever.

Minor issues and simple problems faced by the consumer can be handled by AI and leave complex challenges to brand representatives. This divides time and effort effectively for the customer support department of any business online. Chatbots on social media accounts can assist customers with queries and filter through spam and scammers. Fake social media accounts are a significant issue on social media, and AI helps to mitigate that risk for brands.

High-level priority messages and requests can be marked to be immediately reviewed by a brand representative, while low-level priority requests can be handled by AI customer support. The ticketing system determines the level of priority. Customer support tickets are created to help the customer support department effectively organize and solve customer queries.

  • Social Listening

AI-powered social listening programs manage brand mentions. These tools search on social media for instances where consumers mention the business. This gives you an overview of people interested in your brand, both the positives and negatives, even if they have not interacted with it. 

7. Leverage Data-Driven Social Media Marketing

Data-driven social media marketing is vital in the post covid business environment. This entails a marketer collecting social media performance data for a brand and using that information to market to consumers. 

Social media marketing data can advise you on the visuals and messaging to reach your ideal consumer. Without such insight, you could unintentionally hurt the sentiments or views of a consumer group. 

Leading social media marketing decisions with a data-driven approach tells you what works and what needs improvement. By following the data collected, you will effectively increase your ROI and implement more profitable strategies for social media marketing. 

You can assess the success of your social media presence based on metrics like web traffic, conversion, reach and mentions. Tools such as Google Analytics, Mention and Brand Grader can give you access to data that can help you mold your next social media strategy. Tracking, measuring and improving your social media marketing in the post covid era is vital to making real-time data-driven business decisions.

8. Be Flexible in Your Approach to Social Media Marketing

The pandemic taught many brands that having a quick, flexible social media strategy can be very detrimental to the success of a brand during unforeseen circumstances. Being able to adapt to the conditions of the market and consumer behavior is a must-have ability that social media managers strive to have and will prepare for. 

This also means that a brand’s workforce, agency partners and logistics must be able to pivot during these times. SMM strategies can help mitigate sudden changes to your business environment and cement your consumer relationship with people. 

Remember to experiment and always listen to what your customers are saying. Monitor what works well for your brand and adjust your social media content accordingly to market your products and services effectively. Hiring an agency to handle everything would be recommended if you find maneuvering through social media challenges.

9. Find the Right Social Media Agency to Help Your Business Succeed

It is essential that if you seek outside assistance for business activities, you should work with agencies that you can rely on. Social media marketing in the post covid era has gained much traction at the end of the pandemic. It is now a driving force for many brands marketing strategies. 

So if you are not a veteran regarding social media, hiring talents or an agency that would benefit your businesses. But, while you onboard a new agency or professionals onto projects for your brand, it is crucial to ensure that they have the same values and goals are your businesses. 

Building a solid relationship with these entities is only manageable if you both have the same objective and delivery system to achieve these markers. Offloading some of the heavy liftings in social media marketing can unburden the other business activities requiring more attention and give you more free time to brainstorm effective SMM strategies post covid.

A social media marketing agency like SV Digital would efficiently conduct all your social media marketing requirements. Agencies like these are dedicated to assisting you with establishing a social media presence and also marketing on different social media platforms. 

The first step is to reach out and gauge how much you can benefit and improve your business growth. Every brand requires experts to guide them through the maze of social media and ensure your business is utilizing every beneficial aspect of these platforms.

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