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You Can Now Remove Unwanted Mentions on Twitter

Adithya Kumar

July 12, 2022

Some of us are too familiar with being tagged in negative threads or posts. Twitter hears the frustration from users and is now introducing a feature that can ease all that unnecessary stress. An unmentioning feature is now active on the platform. This allows users to untag themselves from unwanted conversations. This is handy for users who want to distance themselves from potentially harmful or unrelatable tweets. 

Before this update, users would find themselves powerless to unwanted tagging. The most that could be done was muting the conversation or reporting it. Twitter will now remove the link to the user’s account and deter other users from mentioning that account in the same conversation. This is a relief for users who regularly deal with this issue. 

You are probably wondering how it works; let’s break it down. When you use the unmentioining feature, it accomplishes three things. The first is it removes the link to your account from the original tweet, which includes the replies. The second being it stops other users from mentioning an untagged user in the same conversation again. Finally, the conversation notifications would be disabled for you, so you will not be reminded of them again. 

 To enable this feature, you will have to follow three easy steps:

  • Tap the three-dot menu at the top right of the tweet
  • Select “leave this conversation.”
  • Confirm your decision, and it will be done

You have now successfully removed all your tags from the conversation. This is a progressive step towards giving users more abilities with how they edit and modify their tweets. This feature has been in Twitter’s pipeline for some time now. 

As early as June 2021, this feature was previewed by Twitter and had been undergoing extensive testing and development. The final version of this feature has been said to have been scaled down from the previewed version. The addition of the feature which was talked about before was the ability to stop mentioning users that you don’t follow as well. 

Currently, you can only unmention yourself once you have been mentioned, but you cannot stop users from mentioning you in the first place. 

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