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New Tools Added By Meta To Assist Aspiring Creators On Facebook

Adithya Kumar

September 21, 2022

Social media platforms pride themselves on their ability to attract creators and assist them with creating content for platform users. Meta has been leaning in on encouraging creators to build audiences on both Facebook and Instagram. The new update will have new creator-focused features, including new endorsement notifications, new templates and restricted posts. 

Let’s dive into each new feature. Firstly, the new endorsement feature will support new and established creators. Fans will now be able to be recommended to another creator by the creator they follow. This will be through a direct notification. This aims to connect followers and creators with similar interests in content and would be an excellent way to be found if you operate in a niche environment. The new Rising Creator alert is also being tested. This feature alerts users of a new creator in their space. 

Meta has been pushing the recommendation front and finds the Rising Creator feature a less intrusive way of making suggestions to its users. They also announced that they would increase the number of suggested posts you receive on your feed by almost double. Facebook is set to release templates for new posts and stories for audience building. This improves the way creators can be creative with their content. You might also see a new option to share promoted posts with fans and subscribers. This is still being tested.

Facebook had released a similar feature in the past called Top Fans. This newer feature will give more control to creators to engage with their community positively. Meta has some competition with this feature as Twitter has also been developing its Super Follow audience tool. 

Facebook is also currently testing its composer selection option located on the navigation bar of your home screen, aimed at simplifying the content creation process. Similarly, Instagram will also push to highlight more creators on their platform. All these features are in hopes that more creators will join Meta and its platforms to foster a connective content environment online. 

The results of these releases are yet to be seen. Be sure to see any new updates about these features, and ensure you test them out and have your followers react to them. The more you try these updates out, the better the platform results. If they get enough feedback, it will improve our user experience overall. 

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