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Microsoft Now Lets You Run Ads on Multiple Platforms

Adithya Kumar

September 9, 2022

The multitalented tech giant Microsoft has brought us a new update that will be extremely valuable for marketers. Using the Smart campaign feature on the platform, you can now run ads and place them on different platforms. These include Google, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, you can simultaneously target audiences on these platforms through the Microsoft UI and utilize all-in-one feature capabilities.

You might need to wait a bit longer to access this feature as it is unavailable to everyone. There will be a waiting list from which you can sign up and receive updates about when it will be available. If you can follow tech news over the past couple of years, you will know that the multi-channel prong approach to marketing has been around since 2020. What has changed is how Microsoft’s AI interacts with ads and assists you in using Smart Campaigns to advertise your brand. It is believed that this feature has been redesigned to fit the new marketing requirement of most businesses. 

The focus behind releasing this update is to allow brands or marketers to use one place to conduct their campaigns and monitor the progress of each ad. The new AI will also suggest options to optimize your campaign budget and expenses according to your performance. 

Microsoft aims to drive more traffic to your websites and incite more organic traffic to your social media accounts with the release of this feature. 

They have stated that “Build a brand-new website from scratch or generate one from your business’s Facebook page in seconds. And use our powerful social media management tools to schedule posts and respond to your customers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from a single interface. The best part? These tools are free to use—you only pay for your ad spend!“

This new feature is coming to you free of cost. Once you have set up your Smart Campaign, you will have an array of capabilities at your disposal. 

These are:

  • The ability to search ads on Microsoft and Google
  • Setting up social ads on Facebook and Google
  • Manage consumer interactions happening on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Put together analysis reports about your campaigns 
  • Utilize AI-generated content and optimize ROI
  • Microsoft’s AI can manage your Smart Campaigns
  • Access to Microsoft’s audience lists
  • Links ads with similar keywords and searches

This update should be a new age of marketing for all of us and widen the reach of any brand. It is currently being tested and should positively impact the community when it is released. Managing well-established platforms on a universal platform like Microsoft is exceptionally convenient and will streamline any marketing strategy. 

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You will receive a noteworthy response from Microsoft when you sign up for the feature. However, as the new feature has not yet been released to the general public, we will have to wait for our questions about the update to be answered. What you can do for the time being is to sign up for the waitlist and keep an eye out for any news or answers about it.

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