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All New Call Enhancements Added By Meta

Adithya Kumar

September 29, 2022

Promoting your brand on Meta and its platforms has become a norm in the digital space. It is only fair that these tech giants continue to release updates that make the user experience for advertising more streamlined for consumers. Meta has recently announced a few enhancements for their platform’s Call Ads feature. So let’s get right to it.

The first update is the Call-Back option. Have you ever called up a business, and no one has picked up on the other end? You then must contemplate whether you will get a callback or just try another business. Meta now allows you to request a callback from a brand through its newest feature. 

call enhancements added by meta

As you can see from the above image, the whole process is simple and easy to use. Consumers will now feel that their requests will be looked into and replied to promptly. Unfortunately, this feature is not released to all businesses. Meta is testing this update with only a few selected brands. So be sure to keep an eye out for it and try the call-back option. 

Meta also released another update that it is currently testing out. This feature will enhance the way call ads’ performance is measured. This is done by adding more objective options that advertisers can choose from. Meta has labeled this as a pre-call feature. Advertisers will now have the ability to provide additional information for users on their call ads. For example, you can now add information like a link to your website to redirect consumers to a landing page or spark more interest in your products and services. 

Additionally, you will also see a new 60-second call optimization option now. This will contain several objectives that advertisers can enable for their ads. The objectives are designed to optimize your ad more effectively to reach the necessary audiences. Doing so gives your ad a greater chance at prolonged conversations. This can be seen as appealing to the older generation as phone calls are not the preferred form of communication for the younger generations. 

A new in-app calling feature is also being added to the list of updates announced by Meta. You will now be able to place an audio call through Meta apps and call a business directly through the call ad. This will not stop you from browsing your social media feed while you place this call. The overlay has been set up, so it doesn’t hinder the UI. 

This would help consumers read up on helpful information or refer back to product pages while they are placing a call with a business. For example, there might come a time when you might also be put on hold, in which you could browse your feed or a website to pass your time without having to hang up the call to entertain yourself. This feature will help consumers and businesses who like to multitask and keep busy. 

It has been recognised that phone calls have been less frequent with emerging generations because of the new social media age and the popularity of Dms and texting. A survey revealed that 75% of Millennials will avoid phone calls, and 80% of this group specify that phone calls make them anxious. So it would be advised to make an effort to enhance both your call features and messaging features to appeal to every generation. These new features will assist your brand in reaching the older generation and cater to their form of communication. 

To recap, these are the new call ad enhancements by Meta:

  • Request a call back from a business
  • Several new business objectives were added to call ads for better engagement
  • 60-second call optimization
  • In-app calling feature
  • Pre-call business feature in Business Manager

These new updates announced by Meta will improve the interactions businesses have with their consumers on phone calls and promote better reach for the brand. They will be rolled out soon enough, so make sure you are ahead of the curve and are utilizing its full potential to communicate with some of your oldest customers. 

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