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LinkedIn Simplifies Repost Process and Adds New Event Engagement Options

Adithya Kumar

June 22, 2022

All major social media platforms are continuously testing and working on new ways to improve user experiences. For example, LinkedIn has recently come out with an update that would improve your engagement options on the platform. 

In addition, they have introduced a new comment and reply option on the Events page. A new repost option has also been added. This would significantly improve the LinkedIn user experience. This article will explain how these updates will help you utilize the platform’s newest features.

comment or react directly on the Event post of linkedin

 LinkedIn says, “You can comment or react directly on the Event post on the feed or the Event page in the Comments tab. A comment will not generate notifications to the Event attendees. To invite people to the conversation, you can mention them in your comment.” Using the Comments tab on LinkedIn’s event page, you can engage with your guests during, before and even after your live event. 

 Now, you also can reply to comments left by users in the stream. For example, this would be building on increasing engagements on the Events Page with several added comment options. This adjustment aims to promote more topical discussions accompanied by user engagement.

This option would also cater to more than 24,000 events being created every week on the platform. Users can now step up their ads with LinkedIn’s improved Boost ad option, which is also coming out. 

 LinkedIn also streamlined the Repost option in the Share menu in the latest update. This means that you no longer have to add a comment to share a repost which was how it used to be done. This would simplify the process for many users, such as an individual looking for job opportunities. The ability to repost job listings without having to comment on every reshare would improve user engagement and speed up the process.

repost option in the share menu in the latest update of linkedin

This also has to be reviewed as some reposts could negatively affect the user experience. For example, LinkedIn would need to work effectively to assess repost intent to ensure that the platform remains a safe space to express your views. 

 These new updates, which will be coming to your screens soon, will do what they were designed for, bringing an incredible user experience to the platform. As a forerunner in today’s digital age, social media giants like LinkedIn continuously come out with changes to improve user engagement.

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