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Google Introduces A Simplified Way To Create Ads

Adithya Kumar

September 21, 2022

If you’re an advertiser and have trouble creating ads, Google has heard your plea. Instead, the platform has introduced a streamlined approach to creating ads. You will be seeing several new releases that will be associated with creating ads with multiple extensions.

It was observed that sitelinks and lead forms directly influence clickthrough rates. If they are used correctly, the CTR is seen to improve. To put it into numbers, Google saw that these sitelinks increase an ad’s clickthrough rate by 20%. Specifically, four sitelinks with a search ad would see such results. The dilemma is that managing ads and their extensions previously required an advertiser to go through many steps. Google has solved the problem by narrowing down the process to just one workflow.

Keep an eye out for ad extensions referred to as assets on your dashboard. Google has now started switching those terms out. You will see sitelink extensions being replaced by sitelink assets from now on. The same goes for price extensions being switched over to price assets. The name change is the only difference that comes to the term. You won’t be seeing any altered functionality. 

How The New Workflow Functions

Let’s go through the whole process now. First, when you create a search and performance max campaign, you will come across an additional step labeled Ads & Assets. This step will be before the final review. Under this new step, users can add assets like images, sitelinks, prices, lead forms, etc. Google will also suggest what asset you would like to add. 

ads & assets in google ads

Once you add your desired assets, Google will show you what it looks like put together through the preview tool. Any assets you create in the new workflow can be applied to other campaigns and ad groups. You don’t need to worry about switching out extensions. Instead, Google will transition all extensions into assets for you. This won’t affect your campaign, Google account or ad groups. 

The New Reporting System

google ads - asset and association drop-down menu

All monitoring and tracking functionality will be available on the Ads & Assets tab. Once you click on the asset, you can switch between the Asset and Association drop-down menu once you click on the asset. The Asset tab will contain reports on headlines and descriptions, while the Association tab will contain images and prices. In addition, you can filter the results on how every asset performs. This can be done by selecting the asset type within a Google account, campaign or ad group. Additionally, you can review a Combinations report consisting of the top-performing combinations of assets. 

When Do We See These New Updates?

Google announced that these changes are expected to be implemented into the platform in the next few weeks. The previously mentioned combination report is said to be available in the coming months. These new releases excite brands and advertisers who want to push more campaigns and ads. So keep an eye out on Google to see if there are any more announcements and when it comes out, have a go at it for yourself.

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