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10 Effective Ways to Get More Twitter Followers in 2022

Adithya Kumar

October 21, 2022

In the world of influencers and celebrities, having a large social media presence allows you to reach many people to share your thoughts and influence opinions worldwide. It can be safely assumed that unless you fall into the categories mentioned above, you will need to put excessive effort and time into turning everyday social media consumers into loyal followers. 

Now coming to Twitter, this platform is one of the main driving forces in the digital space if you want to be noticed by people. This is backed up by data revealing that 50% of social media consumers use Twitter daily. The platform gives brands and creators a vast interactive audience with which you can share content to acquire their attention. 

In this competitive digital space, consumers want more brands on social media to interact with businesses more and have better relationships with them. This opinion is also reinforced by data showing that 30% of consumers want to see brands use social media more often than not. This is the perfect way to acquire Twitter followers for marketing purposes and get the word about the brand out on the platform. For example, suppose you are a brand on Twitter. In that case, you might need to figure out specific ways to get noticed, especially if you have over 1.3 billion Twitter users posting 500 million daily tweets. 

Your social media strategy needs to be foolproof if you want to be under the spotlight on the platform. It can be tricky to get more Twitter followers. Do not ring the alarm bells just yet. Keep reading, and you will find a way to ensure you reach your desired follower count. This blog will explore the ways you can get Twitter followers fast.

The following ways to get more Twitter followers are:

1. Fill In All The Information On Your Profile

Your profile is one of the first things consumers see when they visit your page. So it would be the initial element you need to optimize to gain more followers. You should see your profile with the same eyes as a consumer. So look at your username first. Is it easy to remember? Does it have confusing numbers embedded in the name? These are some elements you need to remember when you pick a username. An easy but catchy username will be remembered compared to a complex one. It would be easier to say through word-of-mouth conversations as well.

The following section to look at is your profile picture. A clear and recognizable display picture will make it easier for consumers to confirm that the account is yours. The logo is the best direction to take if you create an account for a brand or business. This way, your account can still be recognized even if your username is changed. For example, if your image is pixelated or cropped shabbily, you might not get a second look from a visitor on your profile.

Additionally, your cover picture should also be relevant to your business. Be sure to include offers or promotions you want consumers to know about. Even putting an image of your team or employees would give a human touch to your account.

Lastly, your bio is the third element consumers look at when they visit your profile. This section is where you can show people what your business is about and how creative you can be. Since there is a limit to how much you can write, stick to what is vital for your business and how you want consumers to see your brand. This section adds a personality to your account and lets visitors know if they want to continue or not. 

A tip to remember is to include a few hashtags in your account to ensure you can be found easily. You can also add a URL to redirect consumers to your brand website or product landing pages if you want to drive conversions. If you cover these three elements on your profile, you will be seen as a brand that can be trusted, and it can be the best way to gain Twitter followers initially.

2. Tweet Frequently 

Many social media experts say frequent posting is the key to being noticed, which is now a given strategy for most brands. The only difference is that Twitter requires you to be a bit more frequent with how much you post, as stated in research that found that the top 25% of Twitter users post 12 times a week. When you break it down, it is around twice a day. 

So it can be safely assumed that if you want to be noticed, you need to start posting more aggressively on the platform regarding scheduling. Being reserved and dormant will assist in making your account blend in with a consumer’s daily feed. Be sure to not only Tweet about promotions and offers and diversify your content throughout the week.

The idea behind this strategy is that if your tweets are about quality topics like your industry, followers, opinions and links to valuable resources, you will be picked up by the platform’s algorithm and show up on consumer feeds. Partnered with posting frequently, you will rise through most other brands and creators. Your followers will also see that you are on your brand account and will be more attuned to your Twitter activities. An active Twitter account is more likely to be suggested by followers than a dull brand account to other users. 

Posting twice a day might be tricky, especially if you have other responsibilities to be concerned about in a business. So, you can use tools like HootSuite and Sprout Social that schedule your tweets for you. You have to upload the content you want and pick a time, and the program does the rest for you. This would give you some peace of mind in case you forget to tweet. 

3. Diversify With Media Based Uploads

The most common posts you see on Twitter are text-based. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but it will not assist you in getting noticed by consumers. Instead, an excellent strategy is incorporating images, videos, GIFS and even memes into your tweets. This is an effective method, as some advertisers notice that content with high-quality images tends to increase their engagement potential by 150%. On the other hand, if you want to branch out your content using videos or gifs, you have the potential to give your tweets a 6x chance at being retweeted. This strategy might mean putting more effort into your content calendar, but the results speak for themselves. 

While using different media is helpful, be sure to pick authentic forms of media in your Tweets. For example, the modern-day social media consumer is highly observant and can distinguish between a stock photo and a genuine image by a brand. Including media might help a consumer from scrolling past your tweet, but only authentic media will ensure that your tweet is interacted with positively. For example, if you want to share educational content or structured data, the best bet is to use charts, graphs and diagrams to get your point across. Consumers will see that you are adding value to their feed and can instantly gain you Twitter followers. 

4. Use Hashtags Effectively 

Twitter has been coming out with updates to improve the user experience on its platform. In the latest update, users can utilize hashtags to help increase visibility, engagement and followers. However, you do not have the same capabilities as other social media platforms, where one could add 30 or more tags in a single post. Just because there are 280 characters available doesn’t mean it would be wise to include all of them. 

When utilizing up to 3 hashtag keywords per post, ensure they have a decent search volume so you can reach the interested audience. Too many hashtags and your tweet might be mistaken for spam, and you might not appear on consumer’s feeds. A few well-thought-out hashtags will ensure your tweet is easily found, and consumers will focus on your content more. 

5. Follow The Right People

Reaching out to the industry community and thought leader is a sure way to get noticed on the platform and by consumers with similar interests. The first step is to list all of your industry’s primary influencers and follow them. Keep your list to around 50-100 influencers. If you interact with content posted by these influencers and react to comments or shares, you are more likely to be noticed by consumers who follow them. 

It is not about how many people you follow, but it’s more about the kind of impact they have on the platform. The same strategy can be used if you interact with different communities on Twitter. If you add value to their content and provide valuable insight to consumers, you will have people following your account in no time. 

6. Routinely Interact With Twitter Users

It would help if you focused your efforts wisely to gain substantial followers on Twitter. If you think you have to be present on the app 24/7 to do that, it’s a myth. It’s more about what you do on the app when you are active on it. We mentioned earlier that you should post content regularly, but you also need to interact with users. By avoiding interactions with followers and consumers on Twitter, you give the impression to users that you are more interested in promoting your brand and not adding value to the platform or people’s feeds. 

One way to disallow this impression to be formed is by tagging users, retweeting tweets and replying to comments or posts you were tagged in. The more you interact on the platform, the quicker you will get noticed by Twitter users. 

Even when you interact with users, you need to communicate appropriately. Firstly, if you reply to an account, make your response friendly and detailed. No one likes one-word replies, even on a tweet. The next step is to utilize Twitter’s tagging feature and tag other brands or influencers in posts. These posts should be positive and can complement the people or brands being mentioned. This is to show your support for industry leaders and show you have a heart. 

Lastly, you should retweet content posted by Twitter users and your followers. This shows you appreciate their support and gives them a space where they can interact with you directly on the platform. If you are seen as a brand that cares about the followers and gives out recognition when it’s due, you will gain more followers. 

7. Observe Your Competition 

Keeping tabs on your competition is essential to succeed on social media platforms like Twitter. Look for what they’re posting and how successful it is. When you look at their profile, think about replicating their ideas and adding a personal touch and more about how you can be inspired by it for content. This strategy is because just because certain content has worked for your competition doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, either. It also gives you insight into what types of content resonate with your industry’s consumers.

So start by finding five competitors in your industry and research everything from the number of followers they have to what kind of topics they tweet about the most. Once you have a good idea of their account, you can apply it to your content accordingly. You won’t be stealing followers from them, but you will attract more followers from content that works for your rivals.

8. Keep An Eye On Trends

A trending topic or hashtag that Twitter’s algorithm has picked up is an excellent way to stay up to date with what consumers are interested in. When filtering trends based on your location and who you follow, look for what people are actively talking about on Twitter. Read some tweets and learn about the context of the trend. It can sometimes be applied to your content and spark interest even if you operate in a niche industry. 

Some trends are relatable in all industries and can be appreciated by users. If you can successfully incorporate it into your content, you can gain traction within the topic or hashtag and get noticed by people exploring the topic on Twitter. You can also have your content shared amongst users and increase your brand awareness.

9. Pinning Tweets

One way to highlight your Tweets on your social media account is by pinning them. Pinning a Tweet allows you to showcase your best posts. Since it’s what the visitor will notice first when they land on your profile, make sure you’re using this method strategically. If there’s a post that got lots of engagement and garnered love from followers, consider pinning it for potential followers. It also lets them know what kind of content they can expect to find once they follow you. 

As a brand/business person, you could pin any offers or discounts going on right now or anything relating to an event coming up soon. The fact you took time to show your best content first and save a visitor time in scrolling through your whole feed is an excellent reason to receive a follow.

10. Connecting Your Presence On All Platforms

 A vital step to getting more Twitter followers is spreading your online presence beyond the platform itself. For many brands, this means including social buttons as part of your website footer, featuring your Twitter account within your marketing emails and cross-posting content between social media platforms. Considering how pervasive Twitter has become for marketers today, there’s no shame in plastering your profile wherever you can to help encourage new followers. 

These tips will help you bring more followers to your profile, but only if you put in the effort, it takes to make an impact on the platform and show users you care about their opinions. It can be tricky to navigate, and you will need some trial and error to figure out what works for you, but it will be worth it when your follower count starts to increase. If you still feel like it would be a hassle to wait and see what results you get from testing, you can always reach out to agencies like SVDigital for social media marketing services that are impeccably reliant.

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