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Diagnostic Insights For Google Ads

Adithya Kumar

July 7, 2022

Diagnostic Insights For Google Ads 

Google is consistently working towards making your user experience more effective. This week they have rolled out a new diagnostic insight feature. This new addition will let Google communicate with advertisers about any diagnostic issues they are having. Some of these issues could be affecting the performance of your Google Ads campaign. 

Diagnostic Insights For Google Ads

Users can now view a new data set on the Insights page. Any diagnostic error will show up if the user runs a diagnostic check. This is aimed at highlighting problems around the appearance of campaigns, low engagement on campaigns and issues with conversion measurables. You can navigate yourself to this collected data on the Insights and Overview tabs on the Performance Max Campaigns. This enables the user to evaluate diagnostic issues as soon as they are found. 

Google Ads will now allow you to access detailed reports on the number of insights. These insight parameters include account status, billing status, policy review, conversion tracking, campaign budget, big strategy target, campaign status and ad strength. 

Recommendations will be displayed for users using the diagnostic tool. It would ease decision-making and minimize assumptions about the issues Google finds. The campaign’s performance can then be put back on track effectively without spending much time on each fix. In May, Google announced the possibility of introducing a new diagnostic tool. It is excellent to see that in two months, the feature is now operational. 

How It Works?

This insights feature will only appear if the campaign is doing poorly. That would mean there are no traffic data or conversions which have been recorded. Sometimes platform users can see the ad when the campaign is running but decide not to click on them. This situation will not enable the diagnostic feature as there would be no issue in diagnostics. Think of yourself as lucky if you can view the Insights page with the feature, as Google hasn’t released it to every user yet. 

The plan is to give random people access to this feature over time slowly. This would mean you might see that your Insights page has scarce data. To see if you are one of these selected few, check out your Performance Max Campaign to see if you have been selected for the feature. Google has mentioned that this data set will be incorporated into other campaign types in the coming months. 

The new insights parameter will enable you to understand your campaigns better, pinpoint the elements causing drawbacks, and narrow down better approaches for your campaign with Google recommendations. Use it to your advantage if you are one of the selected few. If you aren’t, the wait won’t be long.

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