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How to Create a Facebook Business Page: Ultimate Guide

Adithya Kumar

August 29, 2022

Facebook has been around for over a decade and is regarded as one of the most used social media platforms. It is hard not to explore everything this platform has to offer in terms of its business capabilities. A strategy to operate within this space is necessary for any digital marketing plan. 

With over 1.88 billion active users, your first impression is significant. So what you need for any business or brand would be to create a Facebook Business Page. Amongst the sea of 200 million businesses already using the platform’s network to conduct sales and marketing, having the perfect business page is vital to stand out. 

Firstly, what is a business page on Facebook? In simple terms, it’s everything one needs to know about your business. It can be displayed publicly on the platform for people to visit and for the brand to interact with consumers. You can post updates, news and plans or promotions you have in store for your brand. It is an excellent medium for businesses to increase their brand awareness and sales of their services or products. 

It would be a digital footprint on one of social media’s biggest platforms. Creating a business page is easy, but you must remember a few things. There are two ways you can create your business page. The first one is by using your personal Facebook page. 

The following steps are:

Step 1: Go To Your Profile 

Open up Facebook on your device, Go to the menu and click on the Flag icon. Proceed to click on the Create New Page. You will then be redirected to the Create A New Page tab. You can also click on https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.

Once there, you can pick between two business categories, Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure. It is suggested that most for profit businesses should go for the Business or Brand category. Once you select that, the next is your basic information. 

create a new page

Step 2: Fill Up The Basic Information 

You need to enter your business name. Be aware that once you’ve entered the name, there should be a green check mark by the side of it. This indicates that your business name on the domain follows all page name guidelines. 

If your name had any unapproved capitalizations or punctuations, you would be breaking the guidelines. The following field is Category, this requires you to type in keywords that are associated with your brands. Once you type in a keyword, Facebook will prompt you to select it. You can pick up to three categories. The final field for that tab is Description. 

You need to sum up your brand in 255 characters. This is your opportunity to highlight your key selling points and briefly describe your business to consumers who visit the page. This would be displayed on the About section at the top of your business page. 

Once satisfied with the information you have filled out, you can click on the Create Page button.

Congratulations, your business page has been made. It is time to decorate it so consumers can have a feel for what your business stands for. 

enter basic page information

Step 3: Add Profile Photo and Cover Photo

This is probably the first thing consumers will see when they come across your page. So you must upload clear images that fit the format. This is to ensure that your images are not pixelated or cropped out unnecessarily. The Facebook profile photo size is 170×170, and the cover photo is 1640 x 856 pixels. 

Your profile photo will appear as an icon on all your Facebook posts and the user’s news feed. So it is crucial that this image represents the essence of your business and is easily recognizable. You can change this image whenever you need to promote your business or show you have holiday spirit. Once you have decided on the perfect picture, click Add Profile Picture and hit Save. 

upload facebook page images

The next priority image is your brand’s Cover Photo. This image would act as a background for your business page. Usually, you would have an image associated with your brand or a product or service you would be trying to promote. The dimensions of this section are different, as we mentioned. 

The dimensions from the web version of the page and desktop versions are also said to be different. So it would be handy to remember them when you design the cover photo. For example, you could make one on free designing sites like Canva or hire a designer. Once that is ready, click on Add Cover Image and hit Save. You have now brought your business page to life with your imagery. 

Step 4: Optimizing WhatsApp On To Your Facebook Page

Once you’re done with the imagery of your page, you will get a prompt to connect your business to WhatsApp. This is an optional step. Enabling this option means that consumers can contact you through WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp number will be displayed, and a WhatsApp button will be on your page. 

connect your facebook page to whatsapp

Once enabled, you can also display it on your Facebook posts and even run ads through texts on WhatsApp. Finally, click Send Code if you want to opt for the option. You can change your mind and revisit this section through Settings.

Step 5: Choosing Your Username 

This username is also called your Vanity URL because this is how consumers find you on Facebook. You should include your brand’s name into the domain username and ensure it is consistent with your handles on different platforms. Then, your customers will easily find you on any platform. You have 50 characters to use, and be sure not to use them all unnecessary. 

Once you have picked a name, type it into the @username field. If your username is available, you will see a green tick next to it. If it’s taken, an error message will pop up, and you will have to experiment with variations of your brand name to stay on theme. Once you get a confirmation pop up, just click Done. 

creating your page username 

Step 6: Add A Call To Action(CTA) Button 

This built-in Facebook feature gives users different ways to interact with your profile when they come across your business page. Picking the suitable options for your brand is vital in how you want to communicate with your consumers, whether through a conversation, information, downloads or shopping. 

These real-time interactions can be enabled by clicking on the blue box that says Add A Button. This is located at the top of your page. Each call to action option has a different business objective for your business.

add a call to action(CTA) button 

The following options are:

  • Follow or Sign Up – To increase your audience 
  • Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Send Email and Send Whatsapp Message –  To spark a conversation with consumers
  • Learn More or Use App – To drive traffic to your website or app
  • Shop, Book Now, Order Now – To encourage more sales

Step 7:  Filling Your Business Details 

You might have remembered that you had filled in a brief description of your business earlier and might think this section is not a priority, that would be wrong. For example, many consumers visit a business’s Facebook page to get brand information. 

You have your contact information, location, office hours, website, and social media information. This helps potential customers decide whether your brand fits into their requirements to conduct business. 

All this information can be easily added by scrolling down to the Set Your Page For Success tab and clicking on Provide Info and Preferences. Start filling in the info you want to make public and make sure it is correct. This info will determine whether you appear on search engines when users look for specifics. 

provide your business details 

Step 8: Choosing a Facebook Page Template 

Facebook initially selects its standard template onto your profile, but you can customize this feature according to your business category. You can access this option by clicking on Settings and then going to the Template & Tabs option. Hit Edit and explore all the options available to you.

Each template will better accommodate your business page in the industry it operates. For example, If you were in the restaurant industry, you would want the Restaurant & Cafe template for your business page. 

facebook page template 

Step 9: Unveiling Your Business Page 

Your page is almost complete, and you need to get the word out on the platform. To start the process, scroll down to the Introduce Your Page section. There are two ways you can showcase your new business to Facebook users: through a post or inviting them to follow your page. 

introduce your page section

These are the options you will have in the section. For example, if you choose to create a post, make sure it offers value to your viewers to ensure they stick around on your page. You can also choose to share valuable information from industry leaders. This action would aim to announce that your business is now on Facebook. 

The next option is inviting people to your page. You can send invites to your friend list to persuade them to follow your business page. Click on the blue option, and a drop down menu of all your Facebook friends will appear. 

This makes it easy to send your invites to people who will enjoy the news and will likely follow your page. Another tip would be to announce the creation of your Facebook Business Page on your other social media handles for maximum exposure. 

Optional Step 1: Add Another Facebook Admin 

If you plan to manage your whole page by yourself, you can skip this tip. But if you aren’t, you should add another admin to your page. This would give someone else access to your page and be responsible for making edits when it is required. Having another access point is essential if you are locked out of the account or get hacked. 

You need to go to Settings and then Page Roles to enable this option. In the Assign New Page Role tab, you can type in a Facebook friend’s name and add them as an admin. The admin role you assign anyone will have the same permissions as you. If you feel they should have limited responsibilities, you can assign them to a different role category, such as community manager or editor.

add another facebook admin 

Optional Step 2: Moving Your Facebook Page To Facebook Manager

You can manage your new business page through your personal Facebook account. If you want to separate both accounts, you can move your business page to business manager. On that portal, you can monitor how your page is performing, engagement on your posts and also run ad campaigns.

To complete this process, go to Business Settings by clicking on the gear icon on your business page. When the Accounts drop down menu appears, click on Pages. Then, click on the Add Page option and type in your page’s name. 

Once you’ve confirmed your decision, hit Add Page. The business page will automatically be moved to Business Manager only if you are the admin of both the Business Page and the Business Manager portal. 

If you remember, we mentioned there were two ways to create a business page. We finished the first way through your account. Now let’s move on to creating a Facebook business page through business settings. This option is suggested for users that work on a team or have multiple  

add page option

Here are the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Business Settings

Once on the Facebook Business Suite portal, click on the gear icon, which stands for settings. If you are on Business Manager, click on your account and the gear icon. Once on the Accounts tab, click on the drop down menu and select the Pages option. Then, click the blue Add button and Create A New Page. 

add button and create a new page

Step 2: Creating Your Business Page

Just like before, you will get the option to pick a category your business would be best suited in. Here’s an example of what it would look like:

choose a category

Once you have created your page, you can add different categories to highlight which industry your business will be operating within. This would make it more convenient for consumers to find your business if they search for specific keywords or terms.

Select the best industry from list

Step 3: Finish Up Your Business Page Setup

Here is a quick recap of what you need to remember when you try and complete your business account:

  • Connect your business page to WhatsApp for consumers to contact you
  • Choose a memorable username that aligns with the rest of your social media handles
  • Include a brief description of your business that you think will make you stand out
  • Add all relevant information like location, websites, contact details and work hours
  • Include imagery on your profile through a profile picture and cover photo
  • Select a Facebook template that will best suit your business
  • Introduce people to your brand through a post or direct Facebook invites

Once this is done, there is only one step left to complete. 

Step 4: Add Admins To Your Page

add admins to your page

You first need to go to the Business Settings if you want to add other team members or employees to the business page. Next, click on the Accounts drop down menu and select the Add People tab. Then choose the individual and assign them a role. 

You are now well versed in creating the perfect Facebook business page using both methods. But to make it the ideal page for your business and your customers, you must ensure it is efficient. 

Here are a few tips you can use to optimize your Facebook Business Page :

Tip 1: Link Your Instagram Account

link your instagram account

What is better than one business account? Two business accounts. If you already have a business account on Instagram, linking these two would let users quickly visit both pages. It also means you can use your business manager account to run ads on your Instagram account once it is linked. 

To enable this, you need to go to Settings on your Facebook page and click on the Instagram tab. Next, click on Connect Account to link the accounts. You then have the option for your Instagram messages to appear in your Meta inbox or leave it where it is. You should also log into your Instagram business account and link it from there. Once linked, you can interact with users on both platforms through the Meta Inbox tab. 

Tip 2: Adding Facebook and Instagram Shops

If you are a business on Facebook or Instagram, you probably want to increase your sales through the platforms. One method is to set up a Shop on each platform to increase your sales. 

To start, click the Get Started button on your Facebook business page or open the Commerce Manager on Business Manager. Follow the tutorials, and once you set them up, you can add a product catalog and start advertising. 

get started button on your facebook business page

How To Set Up Services On Your Page?

Not all businesses sell products, you might be one brand offering services instead. You can promote everything you offer through your business page. Depending on what template you’ve picked, you can display your prices. 

For example, if you have a repair shop, you could display your prices using the menu tab and upload a picture file of your prices by enabling the menu tab option on your page. It is crucial to pick a suitable template for your business page to enable these options.

set up services on your page

The option of booking appointments is also available on Facebook by changing your CTA button to Book Now. This would enable a Facebook feature through which you could book a service or incorporate a third party tool to assist with bookings.

facebook business page optimization set up services availability

Scheduling Your Posts Through Business Suite

The art of staying relevant is to be consistent with your content. You will gain more followers and increase engagement if you post on time and consistently. The best way is to use the in built post scheduling feature on Business Suite. 

You can post on Facebook and Instagram while also having the option to post different posts on both platforms at different times. Take a look at what the optimal time for posting is for you and schedule it accordingly.

Business Suite Insights

This portal allows you to track the progress of your business page. Once you’ve set audience and engagement goals, you can monitor audience demographics and user engagement data. You can view the different metrics concerning your posts regarding reactions and the reach every post has received. 

You need to keep an eye on the activity around your call to action button and the number of clicks on your website, phone number and address. Each parameter is organized so that it can be easily viewed on the Action On Page tab on the Manage Page menu.

You now have all the knowledge you need to launch your business page on Facebook successfully. With these easy to follow steps, you will have your page up and running in no time. Always fill in your details so people can find you and monitor your progress. If handling your pages is becoming too time-consuming, be sure to get help or hire an agency to do your daily audits for you. Stay on your game and experiment with new templates and imagery. 

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