Author: Adithya Kumar

7 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Business Growth

7 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Business Growth?

Search engines have transformed how we receive information and research products/services. These platforms store millions of data points that connect


Digital Marketing Strategy Guide: How to Build a Solid Plan

Marketing strategies have changed from being a single-use technique to test the waters of the online space to becoming the

SEO VS SEM difference

SEO vs SEM: What’s the Difference?

Search engines like Google have been around since the beginning of the 2000s. They have evolved into the hub from

Linkedin Introduces

LinkedIn Introduces New Overview For Ad Tools and Options

LinkedIn ads have become quite popular in the last few years as more people realize their true potential and B2B


Online Reputation Management: 7 Techniques for Big Brands

The online reputation of a brand translates into how consumers perceive your business. How your brand interacts with consumers is

reasons why digital marketing is important for brands

11 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Brands

Marketing has evolved over the years to cater to more informed and resourceful consumers. This new user has emerged through

the complete guide to social media analytics - featured image

The Complete Guide to Social Media Analytics

Nowadays, a digital marketing strategy is only possible by tackling a brand’s social media platform presence. This is no surprise

9 ways to make facebook and google work better together

9 Ways to Make Facebook and Google Work Better Together

Google and Facebook might seem separate entities regarding who owns the platforms, but for you as a brand, they can

How to reduce cost per leads in google adwords

How to Reduce Cost Per Lead in Google AdWords

The art of marketing has evolved into reaching your ideal audience through search engine results pages, specifically Google. This platform

10 UX UI Design Trends to Look Out for in 2023-01

10 UX/UI Design Trends to Look Out For in 2023

People always look for the most innovative UI/UX design trends, and consumers’ preferences change yearly. We all have experienced the