New YouTube Feature Alert: Add Corrections To YouTube Videos After Publishing

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Adithya Kumar

August 24, 2022

Youtube has now released a feature that allows users to make corrections to their videos even after it is uploaded and is live. However, we all have faced the challenge of deleting the video from our channel if we need to make corrections after the final upload. This would pose several problems, but the most significant would be the loss of metrics such as watch time and engagements. 

Before this update, if you didn’t want to lose the metrics that were recorded for your video, you had to use the comment section to address any changes or errors in the video. That was a tricky solution as users would need to scroll down the page to see the correction mentioned. 

However, this solution was non-existent if the video was inserted on another site. This update brings much peace of mind to Youtubers who like making edits when they can in real-time.

How It Works?

This update still requires highlighting your errors and providing a solution to them in the video’s description. What is new is that Youtubers can now point out corrections during the video. 

The video correction feature allows you to inform your viewers about the errors in the video while they are watching them. This error would be linked to the video’s descriptions, where you would be able to explain. 

The next time you watch a Youtube video, keep an eye out for a card to appear when there is an error in the video. This info card would indicate how the publisher corrected that error. This would be displayed as a correction timestamp. If you decide to click on the card, the video description section will expand and display the correction or explanation in writing. 

new youtube feature alert add corrections to youtube videos after publishing


This solution definitely solves a long endured problem and helps publishers acknowledge their errors. In addition, users can appreciate the corrections or edits that Youtubers make on their videos now. 

Since this release, we will see how this update plays out and if it covers all the bases regarding the editing issue raised before. In addition, YouTubers can now test this feature out and see how their audience reacts to them. 

Be sure to look out for this feature on your favorite Youtuber channel. 

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